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DIVE Lectures Teach Every Lesson Step-by-Step

John Saxon recommended an experienced Saxon instructor to teach how the incremental lessons connect and build, creating bite-sized lessons that are easy to understand. Without this essential instruction, the student may find the Saxon lessons disorganized and confusing. DIVE provides the expert instruction that makes learning Saxon faster and easier! 


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4th Grade 

  Saxon Math 5/4

Placement for Advanced & Remedial Students

5th Grade 

 Saxon Math 6/5 

Placement for Advanced & Remedial Students

6th Grade 

 Saxon Math 7/6

Placement for Advanced & Remedial Students

7th Grade 

Student HAS Memorized Multiplication

Facts To 9: Saxon Math 8/7


HAS NOT Memorized Multiplication 

Facts To 9:  Saxon Math 7/6


 Placement for Advanced & Remedial Students


 8th Grade & Higher 

HAS NOT Completed Pre-Algebra

Saxon Math 8/7

 Placement for Advanced & Remedial Students 

Student HAS Completed Pre-Algebra: 

Shormann Algebra 1

with Integrated Geometry

New Recommended Version

2017-shormann-math-overview-pic.png Complete Self-Paced Course $139

for Algebra 1 - Calculus 


DIVE+ Saxon Math



for Algebra 1 - Calculus


Because the PSAT and SAT have been redesigned with new content not taught in Saxon Algebra 1, 2, and Advanced Math, Dr. Shormann created new courses that teach all the concepts on these new exams, as well as the ACT. The included CLEP & AP prep courses help students earn up to 14 college credits. To learn more, select a course below.

Saxon Algebra 1, 2, and Advanced Math (2nd & 3rd Editions) are 20+ years old. They do not include the 21st Century  topics required to excel on the redesigned PSAT & SAT or college math classes. Therefore, it will take longer to prepare for these exams. Learn More: Saxon vs Shormann Math

Shormann Algebra 1 with Geometry

1 Algebra 1 & 1/2 Geometry Credit

See Placement Info & Tests 

Saxon Algebra 1, 3rd Ed

Credits: 1 Algebra 1

   Shormann Algebra 2 with Geometry

1 Algebra 2 & 1/2 Geometry* 

            CLEP College Algebra 3 College Credit

*If Saxon Algebra 1, 3rd Ed. was completed, 1 full credit of geometry is earned in Shormann Algebra 2.

 See Placement Info & Tests 

Saxon Algebra 2 with Geometry

Credits: 1 Algebra 2 & 1/2 Geometry 

CLEP College Algebra -3 College Credits

Shormann Precalculus

Credits: 1 Precalculus

1/2 Geometry Credit**

CLEP Precalculus - 3 college credits

See Placement Info & Tests  

Saxon Advanced Math

Credits: 1 Precalculus & 1/2 Geometry*

CLEP Precalculus - 3 College Credits

*If Saxon Algebra 2 (1/2 credit of Geometry)was completed, the remaining 1/2 credit of Geometry can be earned in Shormann Precalculus.

  Shormann Calculus 1

AP Calculus AB Exam - 4 College Credits

CLEP Calculus Exam - 4 College Credits 

Prep for ACT and New PSAT/SAT


Saxon Calculus

CLEP Calculus - 3 College Credits

AP Calculus AB Exam - 4 College Credits

AP Calculus BC Exam - 4 College Credits

 Shormann Calculus 2 (Available 2019)***

AP Calculus BC Exam - 4 College Credits

Prep for ACT and New PSAT/SAT

Saxon Calculus***

***Saxon Calculus can be taken over two years. AP Calculus BC Exam - 4 College Credits

 *To learn the concepts in Saxon Math 8/7 or Algebra 1/2, memorization of multiplication facts to 9 is required. Learn More: Student has not memorized multiplication facts?

**Saxon 8/7 (2nd or 3rd Edition) provides the best preparation for Algebra 1. Student who successfully complete Saxon 8/7 (2nd or 3rd Edition) should skip Algebra 1/2 and take Shormann Algebra 1. Learn More: See FAQs below. 

 ***Students who used Saxon for Algebra 2 earned 1/2 credit of geometry. The remaining 1/2 Credit of Geometry can be earned in the first 30 lessons of Shormann Precalculus.

 ****Student who successfully completed Shormann Precalculus can start Shormann Calculus I anytime after Sept 15, 2017. Shormann Calculus 1 students can start Shormann Caclulus 2 anytime after Sept 15, 2018. 

FAQs:  Select the title to learn more.

Saxon Algebra 1/2 vs Saxon 8/7     


What do you recommend for Pre-Algebra?


 Is My Child Ready for Algebra 1?


My student struggled in Saxon 8/7  


Student completed Algebra 1 & Algebra 2 (not Saxon)


Student completed Algebra 1(not Saxon 3rd Ed) but has not had Geometry


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Why do you recommend Shormann Math instead of Saxon? 

To better prepare students for the newly redesigned PSAT and SAT, as well as the ACT, CLEP, and AP exams, we now recommend Shormann Interactive Math instead of Saxon Math. This updated math curriculum is written from a biblical perspective by Dr. Shormann, author of the award-winning DIVE into Saxon Math series, and based on John Saxon’s original teaching methods of incremental development, continual review, and integrated algebra and geometry. Shormann Math is a 21st Century curriculum that includes concepts like technology applications, computer math, real-world word problems, and non-standard solutions not found in Saxon Math. Hosted in a state-of-the-art self-paced eLearning system, similar to college math classes, these online math courses feature expert video instruction, automated grading, video solutions, Q&A email support, and more! Learn More:  Saxon vs Shormann Math Comparison



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