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Practice Set Grade Changes & Resets

Before completing the Grade Change Form, please see your issue below:

1. Your Answer is Right, But it was Marked Wrong: See Grading Issues 

2. Technical Issues: Skip to Step 5 

3. Learning Disabilities: How to Modify Grades & Grading

4. Student Failed or the Grade is Too Low: DON'T retake the Practice Set. Instead, use the video solutions to relearn and correct missed problems (see Page 2 of the "Instructions for Practice Sets") At the end of the course, you can add extra credit for the corrections. The "Instructions for Practice Sets" are linked above each Practice Set. 

5. If a technical issue occurred during a Practice Set, follow these steps:

(i) If you know what the grade should be, submit the form below.

(ii) If you don't know the correct grade, and there was a technical issue, re-take the Practice Set then, submit the new grade using the form below.  

(iii) To prevent tech issues: Setup Devices for the eLearning System