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How to Enter Student Information When Ordering eLearning Courses

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Following is detailed information about how to enter your student's information to purchase an eLearning course. 

New or Current eLearning Student?

  • If your student is currently or has previously enrolled in one of our eLearning courses, select "This is a current or previous eLearning student".

  • If your student has never taken one of our eLearning courses, select "This is a new eLearning student".

  • If you are not sure, login to your account at (where you purchase courses) and look through your orders for a product with the word "eLearning" in it. If you can't find one, select "New Student".

Student Email Address

  • For New eLearning Students
    To enroll a student in our eLearning system, a unique email address is required for each student. This can be any email address that is not used by another student in our eLearning campus. The "Student Email" is used to send password reset requests, completed assignment notifications, and subscription expiration notifications. It is not visible to any other users. You can easily set up a filter on the student email account to forward all emails from to the parent's email address. For detailed instructions on setting up a filter, google your email provider and "filter emails". Learn More: Notifications for Completed eLearning Assignments

  • For Current or Previously Enrolled eLearning Students

    Login at Then, hover your mouse over the student's name in the top right corner and click the student's full name.  The email address in their account is displayed. Enter this email address in the "Student Email" field. 

Access Date

  • If you would like to start accessing your course within 3 business days, enter ASAP. A login email will be sent within 2-3 business days of purchase.

  • If you want to access your course at a future date, enter the date (M-F only). The login email will be sent by midnight Central time on the date you enter. For example, if you order on July 1st, and you want to start accessing your course on August 17th which is a Saturday, enter August 16th.


Student Name

Enter the student's full name as you would like it to appear on the Certificate of Completion. This course and its contents are licensed for use by one student with an active subscription. 

Subscription Times

  • Shormann Prealgebra: 12 Months to complete a 36 week course

  • Shormann Algebra 1 - Calculus: 24 Months to complete a 36-40 week course

  • DIVE Science: 12 Months to complete a 32 -36 week course

Sibling Subscriptions
After purchasing an eLearning course for one student, you can purchase a subscription (same title) for each sibling in that student's immediate family (not friends, cousins, co-ops, classes, etc) at a reduced price. For example, if Shormann Algebra 1 is purchased for Joe, when Joe’s little brother, John, is ready for Algebra 1 two years later, a sibling subscription can then be purchased for John. The price of the sibling subscription is the same whether the sibling takes the course concurrently (with Joe) or several years later. There is no limit on the amount of time between siblings. Here is a list of links to all the sibling subscription products: Purchase a Sibling Subscription

An extension can be purchased at a discounted price. To learn more or purchase, please see: Extensions