eLearning: Invalid Login

Use Safari (Macs) or Chrome (Windows and Macs)

  1. Add to the contact list of the student’s email account.

  2. Open Chrome or Safari and copy and paste this web address:

  3. Click "Lost Password" under the login field.

  4. Leave the “Username” field blank.

  5.  Enter email address you entered in the “EMAIL ADDRESS" field when purchasing the course. This should be the same email your student uses to login. If you are not sure, please check your order confirmation email or view your order by logging in to your account at

  6. A password reset link will be emailed to the email address associated with the student's Educadium account.

  7. If you can’t find it, search the Spam, Deleted, and Updates folders in the student’s email account for The subject is, “DIVE Online LMS: Password reset request”.

  8. If you don't receive the reset email, either the email address entered in the password reset is not the same email associated with the student's account in Educadium or the was not added to “Contacts” in the student’s email account. Please repeat steps i-iii above using the correct student email address.

  9. If you still can't find it, Contact Support or Call Us at 936-372-6299.