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Shormann Algebra 2 with Integrated Geometry Self-Paced eLearning Course

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Author: David Shormann, Ph.D.   ISBN: 978-0-989010-5-3   Edition: 1st Edition

 List an email address in the “Student Email” field that is not used by ANY other student in the eLearning campus. Don't have one? Learn More

Sibling Subscription: After purchasing Shormann Algebra 2 at full price, a sibling subscription ($43) can be purchased for each child in your household when they are ready to take the course:  Sibling Subscription for Shormann Algebra 2

Student Placement: Placement Info & Tests



Watch this short video to view how the eLearning system, automated grading, grade recording, video solutions, quarterly exam, quizzes, and more!



Teaches Every Concept on the ACT, PSAT, & SAT

with a Biblical & Historical Foundation 



Because the College Board redesigned the PSAT & SAT (2015), they now have many concepts not taught in Saxon Math. To continue John Saxon's methodology and provide a college preparatory math curriculum, Dr. Shormann published a new curriculum that teaches every concept on these new exams, as well as on the ACT, and uses John's Saxon's original teaching methods.  Standing on the shoulders of math giants like Euclid and Euler, Shormann Math incorporates 21st Century concepts like computer math, technology applications, and current real-world word problems.   Learn More: Saxon vs Shormann Math


Key Features

    • Self-Paced course in a State-of-the-Art eLearning system

    • Shormann Algebra 1 & 2 teach every concept on the PSAT, SAT, and ACT.

    • PSAT, SAT, and ACT skills are reviewed throughout Precalculus and Calculus. 

    • Based on John Saxon's proven teaching methods

    • A biblical & historical foundation teaches the "why" of learning math.

    • Sample Lessons



FAQs    Teacher Guide    Sample Lessons    Scope and Sequence



Successful completion of one of the following is required for Shormann Algebra 2:


FAQs:  My student failed or struggled in Saxon Algebra 1.

  My student failed or struggled in (non-Saxon) Algebra 1 and/or Geometry.

  My student completed a non-Saxon Algebra 1 course and has not taken geometry. 




Credits Earned

1 Algebra 2 Credit

1/2 Geometry Credit*

3 CLEP College Algebra Credits**

*Upon completion of Shormann Algebra 2, students who took Saxon Algebra 1, (2nd or 3rd Edition), earn 1 full credit of Geometry and 1 full credit of Algebra 2. Learn More: Special Considerations in the Teacher's Guide.

**A 3-6 week prep course with specific preparation for this exam is included with Shormann Algebra 2 with Integrated Geometry. 


Course Description

Shormann Algebra 2 with Integrated Geometry teaches all the concepts required for a college preparatory Algebra 2 and Geometry course. Algebra 2 topics include simplifying algebraic expressions, solving equations, solving linear and nonlinear systems of equations, and word problems. Geometry concepts include proof, logic, triangle similarity, perimeter/area/volume, and right triangle geometry (trigonometry).  Analytical geometry, such as functions and their symbolic, graphic, numeric and verbal forms is thoroughly covered.


What about Proofs?

Shormann Algebra 2 teaches all the proofs of Euclidian and Non-Euclidian Geometry required for a college preparatory Geometry course as well as the related skills needed  for the PSAT, SAT, and ACT. Shormann Algebra 1 and 2 students will become very familiar with Euclid’s first 5 propositions, giving them a good understanding of proof technique. They will gain an appreciation for the deductive nature of geometry and geometric constructions, seeing how one proposition often requires the previous one. And they will also see the simple beauty and elegance of Euclid’s propositions. For details, see How Shormann Math Teaches Proofs


Other Topics

Other topics include number, ratio, measurement, statistics, computer mathematics, and calculus basics. While it's not normally covered in Algebra 2 courses, results of Shormann Math beta tests reveal students often grasp the grade-appropriate calculus concepts much better than even some of the basic algebra and geometry concepts! Calculus is such an important course for many reasons, and my hope is that, by introducing calculus fundamentals now, it will encourage more students to confidently pursue calculus later.



By integrating algebra and geometry, students develop fluency in both subjects, making it easier to grasp analytical geometry and apply it to new situations like standardized tests.  Each Practice Sets contains at least one problem that directly applies math to real-world situations in science, engineering, finance, sports, art, etc. There is also at least 1 problem specifically designed to prepare students for the ACT, SAT, CLEP College Algebra, or CLEP College Math exam. By the end of Shormann Algebra 2, over 200 practice problems from the ACT, PSAT, and SAT have been completed.


Honors, Standard or Remedial Course

Shormann Algebra 2 can be used as an honors, standard, or even a remedial course by modifying the pace. Most students complete the course in 32- 36 weeks. Since three semesters of credit are earned (1 Algebra 2 and 1/2 Geometry), students can take up to three semesters to complete the course.  Learn More: See Honors in the Teacher Guide



State-of-the-Art eLearning System

 User-friendly self-paced course organizes assignments by week. 





Video Lectures

Step-by-step instruction for every lesson. 






Interactive Homework

A link to a similar example problem and a link to the video lecture makes it easy to re-learn forgotten concepts. 




Results Page



eLearning Course Contents

  • 32-36 week course - can be completed over three semesters

  • 100 lessons with 1 video lecture and 1 interactive homework each
  • Weekly Quizzes and Quarterly Exams

  • Automated grading & grade recording of all assignments 

  • Video solutions & PDF solutions

  • Q&A Email Support with Dr. Shormann

  • eTextbook with lessons & homework, eSolutions Manual, and eTeacher's Guide (no printing required) 

  • Please allow 2 business days to set up your eLearning course(s). To login, follow the steps on your order confirmation email.

  • 24 Month access allows plenty of time for planning, holidays, and illness





CourseCreditsTest Prep


1 Pre-algebra


Algebra 1

with Integrated Geometry

1 Algebra 1
1/2 Geometry

First part of prep for: PSAT, SAT, ACT, CLEP College Algebra, CLEP College Math

Algebra 2

with Integrated Geometry

1 Algebra 2
1/2 Geometry*

Prep for: PSAT, SAT, ACT, CLEP College Algebra, CLEP College Math


with Trigonometry

1 Precalculus with Geometry
1/2 Geometry**

CLEP Precalculus
Review prep for: PSAT, SAT, ACT, CLEP College Algebra and CLEP College Math

Calculus 1

1 Calculus 1

CLEP Calculus, AP Calculus AB
Review prep for: PSAT, SAT, ACT, and CLEP Precalculus

Calculus 2

1 Calculus 2

AP Calculus AB and BC

 *If Saxon Algebra 1, 3rd Edition (1/3 credit of Geometry) was taken, completion of Shormann Algebra 2 earns 1 full credit of Geometry and 1 full credit of Algebra 2. Learn More

**If Saxon Algebra 2, 2nd or 3rd Edition (1/2 credit of Geometry) was taken, 1/2 credit of Geometry and 1 full credit of Precalculus is earned in Shormann PrecalculusLearn More





Sequence Modifications

3 Semester Option

Since Shormann Algebra 1 & 2 earn 3 semesters of math credits each (see above). These two courses can be spread out over 3 years (3 semesters each). 


AP Calculus BC in 11th Grade 

While a passing score on the AP Calculus AB exam in 11th grade will usually earn the desired admission and scholarships, strong math students who plan to take the BC exam in 11th grade should either take Algebra 1 in 7th grade or work on math year- around. Learn More about AP Exams According the College Board, a passing score on an AP Calculus exam, not only earns up to 8 college credits, it is the number one indicator of college success, significantly boosting admissions and scholarship applications in the selection process. To submit AP exam scores along with applications, they must be taken no later than 11th grade. AP exams taken in 12th grade are still eligible for college credit, but the scores are not received until after most application deadlines have passed.


Caution: I do not recommend "pushing" a student to beyond their God-given ability to achieve advanced levels of math. It can have a detrimental affect on fluency and, in the end, require more time to complete the course. Instead, I recommend a self-paced timed method (described in the Teacher Guide and under scheduling below) that ensures mastery and fluency are developed, making math faster and easier. 





While the eLearning course is setup on a 30 week schedule, a normal school year is 36 weeks. This means there are six additional weeks that allow the student to slow down, as needed, to re-learn forgotten concepts, ensuring mastery and fluency are developed. Instead of requiring the student to complete a full lesson per day, I recommend working on math 4-5 days per week for no more than an 1 - 1.5 hours each. At the end of this time, regardless of how much of the lesson has been completed, have the student stop. Then, pickup where they left off the next day. Over time, as fluency is developed, they will complete more and more of the lesson during this time.



If I use the timed method, how will my student finish on time?

The timed method usually has the opposite effect than what parents expect. While a  strong math student will usually complete the course in 30-34 weeks, an average math student may take 36-45 weeks. However, since Shormann Algebra 1 & 2 earn 3 semesters of math credits each (see chart below), taking up to 54 weeks (3 semesters). is perfectly fine. While Shormann Math is not Common Core, CC recommends an integrated geometry/algebra approach which spreads Algebra and Geometry over three years. While their approach is more like mixing than true integration, colleges are now familiar with the integrated approach and are not surprised or confused when these credits are listed on the transcript. Learn More About Transcripts








While every problem is first solved on paper, the eLearning course features a system we call TruePractice that builds long-term mastery more efficiently than traditional approaches. What is TruePractice? Well, think about how you learn a sport. During practice, if you make a mistake, the mistake is discussed and, if you have a good coach, you immediately regroup and try again. That’s how the online homework is designed in Shormann Math. When a homework problem is attempted, immediate right/wrong feedback is provided. If the answer is wrong, a small penalty is assessed, and the student can re-learn using the links above each homework question, then solve the problem correctly! Rather than “spoiling” them with an answer, TruePractice™ encourages students to stay engaged and re-learn the concept, which is the best way to achieve long-term retention and fluency.




24 Month Self-Paced eLearning Subscription $144 per Course

- Setup on a 30 week schedule but can be stretched to 3 or 4 semesters

- 24 Month access to the eCourse for one student

- Self-paced; no due dates 

- Includes printable eTextbook, eSolutions Manual (upon request), & eTeacher’s Guide

Most assignments can be completed offline

- Use as an advanced, standard, or remedial course

Subscription FAQs: Start Date, Student Email, Siblings


Sibling Subscription $43 per Course

- Sibling enrolled in same course concurrently $43

- Sibling enrolled in same course at a later time (no time limit)  $43

- Purchase sibling subscription when sibling is ready to start 


Integrated Geometry and Continual Review

- Based on John Saxon’s teaching methods of incremental bite-sized lessons, continual review, and cumulative assessments

- Updated with 21st Century technology applications, real world word problems, and computer math


Comprehensive Video Instruction for Every Lesson

- 100 Daily lessons with 1 video lecture each (avg 20 min)

- Students take notes and work example problems

- Video lectures can be requested for offline access 


Interactive Homework with Automated Grading

- 20 homework questions per lesson

- Work problems on paper first, then enter the answer

- Links to a similar practice problem and to the related video lecture make re-learning quick and easy

- Automated grading provides instant feedback

- Homework can also be completed offline using the eText, then enter answers into the eLearning system for grading, or grade using the eSolutions Manual


Video Solutions Ensure Understanding

- Step-by-step explanation for each homework question

- Access is restricted until homework is completed and score is recorded

- eSolutions Manual is also available to parents


Interactive Quizzes and Exams with Automated Grading

- 26 online quizzes and 4 online quarterly exams

- Automated grading and grade recording

- Parents can reset assignments and change grades


Q&A Email Support with Dr. Shormann

- Q&A email support with Dr. Shormann

- Video Solutions for every homework question

- eTeacher’s Guide and eSolution’s Manual 


Earn 14 College Credits via CLEP and AP Exams

- CLEP Professor for College Algebra is included with Shormann Algebra 2

- CLEP College Algebra earns 3 college credits

- Passing scores on CLEP and AP exams also validate transcripts and make college admissions and scholarship applications more competitive


Excellent Preparation for the Newly Redesigned PSAT & SAT

- Written specifically to meet the new requirements of the 2015 redesigned PSAT and SAT

- Shormann Algebra 1 & 2 teach all the concepts required to excel on college entrance exams

- Continual review and integrated geometry develop fluency, raising standardized test scores

- Shormann Precalculus will continue to review these concepts to maintain fluency


System Requirements

- Browser based eLearning system - like a website

- Access from any computer or device with a browser (Chrome or Safari) and internet access

- Speakers or headphones


Can I transition from  Saxon Algebra 1 to Shormann Algebra 2?

Yes. While Saxon Algebra 1 is missing some of  the geometry taught in Shormann Algebra 1, these concepts are reviewed in the first 25 lessons of Shormann Algebra 2.  This makes it very easy for students to transition from Saxon Algebra 1 to Shormann Algebra 2.  Upon completion of Shormann Algebra 2, students earn 1 full credit of geometry. See the Special Considerations in the Teacher’s Guide for details on credits and prerequisites.


College Entrance Exam Preparation

Every homework set has at least one question from the ACT, PSAT, or SAT. 

Excellent Preparation for the ACT and Redesigned PSAT and SAT

CLEP College Algebra Exam & CLEP College Math Exam



1. Parent Login, Email Addresses, and Sibling Subscriptions:

For questions about email address, parent logins, sibling subscriptions, etc. click here: Sibling and Subscription FAQs



2. Why did Dr. Shormann publish a new curriculum?

After John Saxon passed away, Saxon Publishers was sold to Harcourt, which was acquired by Houghton Mifflin. Shortly thereafter, HMH released a Saxon Geometry text, along with the fourth editions of Algebra 1 and 2, confirming Dr. Shormann and other Saxon supporters suspicions that the Irish held mega-curriculum publisher would make detrimental changes to unique pedagogy that made John Saxon’s texts so effective. The new HMH texts had markedly less review, lacked the essential connections between the incremental lessons, and completely removed the integration of geometry and algebra. After 10 years of praying and researching, Dr. Shormann began writing a 21st century curriculum that embodied not only John Saxon's best ideas, but those of history's greatest mathematicians and math teachers. Preparing for PSAT, SAT, and ACT 



3. Do you recommend Saxon or Shormann Math? 
We recommend Shormann Math because: 

  • It provides better preparation for the PSAT, SAT, and ACT.
  • Shormann Math includes 21st Century math concepts like computer math, technology applications, and more.
  • Shormann Math teaches how to use the same type of eLearning system used in college math classes

        Learn MoreSaxon vs Shormann Math




4. How does the eLearning course work?


Getting Started LessonThis video walks you through the course and how it  works.


Sample Lessons: 5 lessons of each course can be completed in our eLearning system.


5. Where Should I Place My Child?

The chart here provides general recommendations for student placement. For a specific recommendation. please contact us here: Consulting Contact Form



How is a full credit of Geometry earned in Shormann Algebra 2?


All the geometry taught in Shormann Algebra 1 (½ credit) is reviewed, then the concepts for the remaining ½ credit of Geometry are taught and reviewed throughout the course. Students in this situation would list Shormann Algebra 2 as a Geometry credit on their high school transcript. Keep in mind, the name of the requirement is listed on the transcript, not the name of the course or curriculum used.


How do I list these credits on a transcript?


A Subject Transcript is recommended for all students. Instead of listing credits by year, they are listed by subject. This make it very easy to show that your student has completed all the required credits. Learn more about High School Transcripts.


Should a separate geometry course be taken?  


Shormann Interactive Algebra 1 & 2  teach all the concepts required to earn 1 full Geometry credit as well as all the geometry needed to excel on college entrance exams. Therefore taking a separate geometry course is not only redundant, it can cause students to lose fluency in algebra. This makes Algebra 2 and upper level math courses more difficult and negatively affects standardized test scores. Learn More


Can my student transition from  Saxon Algebra 1 to Shormann Algebra 2?


Yes. While Saxon Algebra 1 is missing some of  the geometry taught in Shormann Algebra 1, these concepts are reviewed in the first 25 lessons of Shormann Algebra 2.  This makes it very easy for students to transition from Saxon Algebra 1 to Shormann Algebra 2. Students who take Saxon Algebra 1 and Shormann Algebra 2 earn 1 full credit of geometry. See the Special Considerations in the Teacher’s Guide for details on credits and prerequisites.


Can Shormann Math be completed offline?


While the online eLearning course, featuring automated grading, instant feedback, and embedded links for quick and easy re-learning, is the most efficient way to complete Shormann Math courses, most assignments can also be completed offline. Please see How to Use Shormann Math Offline for detailed instructions.

Is there a Teacher or Parent Guide?


Shormann Algebra 2 Teacher's Guide


Shormann Math Getting Started Video

Is Shormann Math Common Core aligned?


No, Shormann Interactive is built on a biblical foundation and has not been influenced by the “new math” in Common Core. However, it still provides excellent preparation for the redesigned PSAT and SAT, the ACT, as well as CLEP and AP exams, and college level math classes.


Can I print or save the online assignments?

Yes, after each assignment  is completed, a results page, with the questions, correct answers, and the students answers, is displayed. The results page can be saved and either printed or emailed to the parent or teacher.


Do I need to print the eText, eSolutions Manual, or eTeacher Guide?

No, it is not necessary to print any of these materials. All the content the student needs to complete the assignments are posted in the eLearning course with easy access. If you want to view the files offline, simply download and save the files to your computer.


My child has a learning disability. Can the time for the tests and quizzes be modified?

Yes. Have the student take each test or quiz twice.  In the first attempt, complete only the first half of the exam. In the second attempt, complete the second half. Add the two scores together then fill out the correct form here.


Which calculator is recommended?

Calculator Recommendations

When are vectors introduced?

Vectors (and calculus), are introduced in Shormann Algebra 1, and built upon throughout Algebra 1, Precalculus and Calculus. For example, in Shormann Algebra 1, all we do with vectors is define them and have the students describe them graphically with arrows. It's actually something a pre-algebra student could do. However, having this basic understanding of vectors will make it much easier for students to grasp vectors when numbers and calculations are added in Shormann Algebra 2.




Important Policies: 1. Because they contain downloadable files, I understand this course can't be refunded or exchanged for any reason. 2. I have read the Prerequisite section on the Description tab above to ensure I have placed my student in the correct course. I can contact a consultant at 3. I understand I can view sample lessons, at 4. Please allow 2 business days to set up your eLearning course(s). To login, follow the steps on your order confirmation email. 5. I understand that for each student I enroll in an eLearning course, I must enter a unique email address in the Student Email field. 6. I understand there are no physical products like books, etc included with this product. While not necessary for the course, we do have printable eBooks.

Product Reviews

  • 5
    "You must have had a great math teacher!"

    Posted by Kimberly B. on 7th Jun 2024

    Hi! I've used Shormann Math for years (since 2017). Lily just took Calc I at the local community college as a junior in high school, and her professor was super impressed, he actually said "you must have had a great math teacher!" She ended up with a 97% in the class and LOVED it, changed from wanting to do environmental science to wanting to do environmental engineering! Since both of us are engineers and love math, we are thrilled with THAT! :)

  • 5
    Great Algebra program and support!

    Posted by Monica on 2nd Nov 2023

    This is our children's first time using online curriculum and we are so happy with the whole experience! We feel they are learning so much. We appreciate that while learning Algebra skills, they are also being taught problems for college entrance exams. Using this method of learning also provides students with experience in how to navigate online classes/computer based testing. We have also utilized the support team, and everyone we have worked with has been absolutely wonderful. We will continue with Shormann math for the rest of our children's academic career.

  • 5
    Algebra 2

    Posted by Natalie on 9th Oct 2023

    Great program and easy for kids to navigate and learn independently

  • 5
    Our three kids have been raised using DIVE math and science.

    Posted by Amy S on 29th Aug 2023

    This is our last year since our youngest is taking Calculus and Physics. Thank you for these programs and for helping our kids develop a love of math and science. You all have made a huge difference in our success with educating our kids! The older two are in college, chasing their dreams and this would not have been possible without DIVE. Our kids have been (informal) math tutors for their friends for years now. Your methods make so much sense to our kids but also to their friends when they are struggling to understand concepts. Our kids lovingly nicknamed Dr. Shormann Dr. Mathman when they were little. I still hear them refer to Dr. Shormann that way when they are quoting him. You’ve blessed our family! We appreciate you more than you know! Thank you!

  • 5
    Challenging and thorough

    Posted by KE on 8th Jul 2023

    My son is taking this after having already completed Shoreman Algebra 1. He has found this course more difficult than the last but is able to fully understand everything with additional help from dad. We are thankful for Shoreman Math and Science courses and he is looking forward to taking Pre-Calc next.

  • 5
    Algebra 2

    Posted by Amy H. on 29th Apr 2023

    I am writing this review on the Algebra 2 course because that's the highest course my son completed before he took the PSAT this past fall as a freshman. He did Algebra 1 and 2 using Shormann Math and got a 680!!! We were blown away and he was so excited. We used Saxon Intermediate in 3rd grade and then used Math Mammoth until we found out about Shormann for Algebra 1. I was always nervous that he would need a "real" teacher for math but he's done great and really enjoys his Shormann.math courses. Thank you for making such a great product and being so thorough. He's taking Pre-Calc now and I'll review that when he's done. Younger brother is taking Algebra 1 this year and is also enjoying it and doing well even though he's not as much a a math kid as my oldest.

  • 5
    Thankful for Dr. Shormann's Math and Science courses!

    Posted by Cristin on 15th Aug 2022

    I must say that my son adores Dr. Shormann's teachings. He encourages, challenges, and inspires my son's learning. It is beautiful to watch. We are so thankful for his math and science courses!

  • 5
    Complete Transformation!

    Posted by Julia on 1st Jun 2022

    I am an eighth-grade student in Shormann Algebra 2. This program is amazing! I started out this year with pre-algebra using a different curriculum, and after about a month I started using Shormann Algebra 1 because I found pre-algebra repetitive. What a transformation! Before discovering Shormann, I had always been a good math student, but I never liked math very much, or understood it completely. After I started with Dr. Shormann, I discovered that math is understandable, math is doable, and math is truly enjoyable! Right now it is my favorite subject! I completed Algebra 1 in five months, and I am finishing up Algebra 2 this summer. I cannot thank you enough for this great program, Dr. Shormann!! I am forever grateful!!

  • 5
    Excellent program!

    Posted by Marsha on 18th Jan 2022

    As my oldest gets ready to graduate, I wanted to share my gratitude for you program. When he was a freshman, a mom of another student in his homeschool co-op (CC) class shared her concern based on her older daughter that Saxon did not adequately prepare her for college entrance exams in time to take them. She encouraged me to research other options and mentioned Shormann. I scoured textbooks and did some digging, and settled on transitioning him to Shormann at Algebra II, and started my second son in Algebra I with Shormann. We have been SO pleased with the accessibility, reasonableness, and quality of Shormann math as well as the Christian worldview and the updates and adaptations it makes compared to Saxon 3rd edition. AND, my sons have both thrived in Shormann math, with the video instruction and immediate feedback on their work without the answer key. I appreciated being able to print a text that I could reference when they had questions. Furthermore, my second son, who struggled to attend to math has soared with Shormann, and armed with his Shormann math preparation, my oldest became a CLT 10 National Award Recipient, a National Merit Finalist, and scored an 800 on math on his first try on his SAT with minimal studying besides doing Shormann. He is currently wrapping up Shormann Calculus. He intends to pursue a law degree, not science or math, but his math foundation is solid! Thank you so much for this excellent program!

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