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Math 54 (4th Grade)











DIVE Video Lectures are available in two formats. Select one to learn more.






  • Content identical to the CD

  • Updated graphics

  • Unlimited downloads

  • Stream like Netflix

  • Keep forever: use by all your children

  • Multiple computers & devices

  • Save to USB, desktop, portable drive

  • If lost, easily download again

  • Can’t share, loan, sell, or give away


System Requirements:

Mobile Devices

  • iPhone iOS 7.0 + iphone 4 + App Store
  • iPad iOS 7.0 + iPad 3 + App Store
  • Android 4.2 + Google Play App
  • Windows Tablets & Phones
Computers & Browsers
  • Windows, Mac, Linux, Chromebook
  • IE 10+, Safari 7+, Firefox 31, + Chrome 37+
  • Store in DropBox, Drive, etc.
  • Apple TV 2nd Gen +
  • Roku 2nd Gen+
  • Roku 4+ (4K)
  • Chromecast: Learn more
  • Smart TV Browser

DIVE Lectures on CD-ROM

  • Older graphics

  • Easily damaged and lost

  • All Macs & Windows XP and later

  • Not compatible with phones, tablets, or Smart TVs or devices

  • Licensed for use by all in your immediate family

  • Updates to operating systems can interfere with compatibility

  • Can’t share, loan, sell, or give away


System Requirements

Windows XP & later

All Macs and Linux

No tablets, devices, etc.





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