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Advanced Math (Precalculus)




Auto Grading • Video Solutions • Email Support

21st Century Mathematics
with a Biblical Foundation

 Shormann Precalculus is our new, updated format of DIVE + Saxon Advanced Math.
This new format is now recommended instead of Saxon Advanced Math.

  • Many students struggle in Saxon Advanced Math because it does not have the lesson reference numbers next to each homework problem which allows students to quickly relearn missed or forgotten concepts. Shormann Precalculus, instead of Saxon Precalculus, has these lesson references as well as direct links to the video lectures that teach that concept as well as a link to a similar example problem.
  • While Saxon Advanced Math has 125 lessons with 30 homework problems and usually requires 3 to 4 semesters to complete, Shormann Precalculus has 100 lessons with 20 homework problems each and is usually completed within 32-36 weeks.
  • Shormann features automated grading with instant feedback, video solutions, daily video instruction, and Q&A support with Dr. Shormann.
  • Shormann Precalculus teaches and reviews all the concepts required for the new PSAT and SAT as well as the ACT and CLEP Precalculus exam (earns 3 college credits)
  • Teaches 21st Century concepts like computer math, technology applications, and non-standard solution concepts, not taught in the Saxon Advanced Math.



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Shormann Precalculus

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  • Updated graphics

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  • Keep forever: use by all your children

  • Multiple computers & devices

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  • Windows & Android devices

  • Smart TVs, Roku, Chromecast

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  • Can’t share, loan, sell, or give away


Saxon Advanced Math

Saxon Advanced Math is an acceptable curriculum; however,
the new editions have fallen behind the times and no longer
adhere to John Saxon’s tried and true methods of teaching.

Houghton Mifflin purchased Saxon Publishers. They released
new 4th editions of Saxon Algebra 1 & 2, as well as a Geometry
textbook. These new texts appear to be Common Core influenced
and do not use John Saxon’s results proven teaching methods
like integration of geometry and algebra. They are more like
Houghton Mifflin books with the Saxon name. Therefore,
Dr. Shormann published a new curriculum that prepares for
the new exams while continuing John Saxon’s successful
teaching methods.





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