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Product Information Specialist

For questions about product features before purchase.


Student Placement Consultant

For help with choosing the right courses to engage your student for academic success.


Student Struggling in a DIVE or Shormann Course

We can help your struggling student get back on track quickly and easily with proven solutions to common issues.


Order Status & Tracking Department  

To request the status of your eLearning, Downloads, Download & Stream, CDs, Books, and more!


Technical Support Specialist 

For help quickly solving issues with CDs, eLearning, Download, Download & Stream formats.


     CD Replacements & Upgrades Team 

Is your CD damaged? Would you like to upgrade your CD to a digital format, like a download, eLearning, download & stream, etc? If so select the link above. 


Refunds and Exchange Manager                      

For questions about policies like refunds, returns, and exchanges, select the link above.


Science eLearning Grade Changes & Reset Techs

To request a grade change or assignment reset in your DIVE Science eLearning course, select the link above. 


Shormann Math eLearning Grade Changes & Resets   

To request a grade change or assignment reset in your Shormann Math course, select the link above. 


Students Only: Ask a Homework or Test Question

 Please use this form to ask Dr. Shormann a specific question about a homework, test, or quiz question. He will respond within 1 business day or less.