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1. Within 1 business day of purchase, a text message is sent with the date you will receive your login email. If you do not receive a text message, scroll down to step 3. 

2. There are very important steps for parents to complete before the student starts the course. Parents can complete these steps while waiting for the login email by selecting your course(s) below and following the steps under “Course Setup”.

3. If you selected an access date that is more than 3 business days in the future, you will receive your login email by midnight on that date. The login email is sent to the PURCHASER'S email address (entered during checkout), not to the Student email. 

4. If you selected an access date that is 3 business days or less from the date of purchase, your login email will be sent according to the schedule below: 

  If you ordered on: 

    • Monday: Received by Wednesday at Midnight (Central Time)
    • Tuesday: Received by Thursday at Midnight (Central Time)
    • Wednesday: Received by Friday at Midnight (Central Time)
    • Thursday: Received by Monday at Midnight (Central Time)
    • Friday: Received by Tuesday at Midnight (Central Time)
    • Saturday or Sunday: Received by Wednesday at Midnight (Central Time)

 The login email is sent to the email address entered during checkout, not the student's email. That's because there are important steps the parent needs to complete.

To ensure you receive the login email, please add and to “Contacts” in the purchaser’s email account. 

Please check your Spam, Trash, and Updates folders. If  you have not received the login email by the date listed above, contact our Orders Team and a specialist is happy to help you.


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