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AP Exams

Advanced Placement FAQs

DIVE Science and Shormann Math, along with our CLEP & AP prep course, teaches all the topics required to excel on the corresponding CLEP and AP exams. In these courses, Dr. Shormann brings clarity and biblical perspective to politically correct and pseudoscientific topics such as evolutionism, population control, and climate alarmism which are prevalent in many math and science AP courses, especially AP Biology.


Why Take an AP Exam?

A passing score of 3 or higher on an AP exam can

  • Earn up to 8 college credits

  • Make students stand out in the admissions and scholarship selection process

  • Develop college level study skills.

  • Both CLEP and AP exams validate the home school transcript and demonstrate readiness to college admissions and scholarship committees. According to the College Board, a passing score on the AP Calculus exam is the number one indicator of college success.


Is an approved AP course required to take an AP exam?

No. Any student with a government issued picture ID (not a Driver's License), regardless of the course taken or curriculum used, can register and take an AP exam.  


Are DIVE Science & Shormann Math AP approved curriculum?

While there is recommended AP curriculum, there is no such thing as AP approved curriculum. To receive AP designation (approved AP class) the College Board requires the teacher (homeschool parent) of each class to submit a class syllabus with the required AP topics and sign an agreement that you will follow it exactly. The required topics of most AP courses require politically correct topics such as evolution, population control, and global warming to be taught as fact. This is not something a publisher, like DIVE, can do. 



Can I list the course as AP on my transcript?

The primary benefit of listing an AP course on a transcript is to raise the GPA and increase class rank. While class rank is a determining factor in college admissions for private and public school students, most colleges assign class rank for homeschool students based on their SAT or ACT scores, not their GPA. Also, most colleges now strip all GPAs to a 4 point scale. Therefore, we do not recommend seeking AP course designation. Instead, focus on preparing for the exam. The exam score is the most important factor for homeschool students. Since the AP course authorization rarely has any benefit and can extend the course unnecessarily, I recommend skipping the AP designation and focus on passing the exam. Learn more about AP Course Designation Requirements.


How to Prepare for AP Exams

Each AP Exam is given on one day in early May. To allow sufficient preparation time, follow these steps:

  1. If preparing for an AP Biology, check the prerequisite below and the eLearning format of DIVE Biology and the honors (not standard) course option described in the Teacher's Guide. 

  2. AP Chemistry exam, use the eLearning format of DIVE Chemistry and the honors course option described in the Teacher's Guide for your course. 

  3. Complete the DIVE or Shormann Math course by early March. 

  4. Complete our corresponding CLEP Professor course which provides specific preparation for the AP exam. 

  5. Using the The College Board or, other AP prep book, take 5-10 timed practice exams. 

*Important AP Biology Pre-requisite: DIVE Integrated Chemistry & Physics or other Physical Science course that has one full semester of introductory chemistry (BJU Physical Science/World, ABeka Matter and Energy, etc). Because the biological processes learned in Biology are driven by chemical reactions., a good understanding of introductory chemistry is required to successfully complete an AP Biology exam.


Which AP Exams should I take?


When Should I take a CLEP or AP Exam ?



AP Exam Registration for Homeschoolers

Completion of an authorized AP course is not required to take an AP exam. Any student with a government issued picture ID can take an AP exam. AP exams are registered for and taken at a local high school. The College Board encourages high schools to allow outside students to take the exam at their school. Follow the steps below to register. Students in mainland China should contact

  • Make a list of the AP Exams your student would like to take.

  • By January 1: Contact AP Services at The College Board to find out which schools in your area are offering the AP Exams your student would like to take. They will give you the contact information of the AP Coordinators at these schools. 

  • By February 1: Contact the Coordinators identified byAP Services and tell them you would like to register an outside student for the AP _____ exam

  • The school's AP Coordinator is responsible for ordering the necessary exam materials and informing the student when and where to report for the exams. The Coordinator should make sure to record the names of the exams the student plans to take.

  • Exam fees: Coordinators should collect and submit these students' exam fees with those of the Coordinator's school. Coordinators may negotiate a higher exam fee for outside students to recover additional proctoring or administration costs.

  • Photo ID: Coordinators should remind these students to bring valid goverment issued photo identification, which must be checked on exam day.

  • Homeschool Code: The AP Coordinator should give the state homeschool code to enter on your test, ensuring your exam score(s) will be reported separately from the school at which they test.

  • Necessary accommodations: Any home-schooled student with documented disabilities must first be approved for testing accommodations by the College Board. The student must also notify the school that accommodations may be needed.


Please note: We generally recommend trying to find a Christian or private school to take the exam. Call the College Board to find out who is offering the exams in your area and they should be able to help you.

If you don't get a reply from a school, go to the school or try making an appointment with the coordinator. We have never had a student who was unable to register for the exam.