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Exam Grade Changes & Resets

Important: Please Read!

If requested by a parent or teacher, we are happy to change any grade for any reason. However, using the course as instructed below will save time and ensure your student develops fluency, which makes learning math faster and easier.


Each exam can be taken twice and the scores are averaged. Exams should be taken under supervision of a parent or teacher. Students should follow the steps on the Exam Instruction Sheet.


If you have an issue with an exam, we can either change the grade or reset the exams.


Change Exam Grades

We can change the grade of attempt 1, 2, or both.Please specify below.


Reset an Exam

We can reset the grade of attempt 1, 2, or both. Please specify in the form below. This is a manual process. While we will process your request as quickly as possible, please allow up to 2 business days. 


Technical Issues

Our courses are hosted on a world class platform that hosts courses for multiple schools, universities, and businesses. Any technical issues are easily solved by updating or using the correct applications. Please follow the steps under number one on the Course Home page (has Important: Parents Start Here at the top) to ensure your student's computer or device is setup properly.  Learn More: Grading Issues