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Soaring tuition has many parents and students looking for alternative ways to earn college credit and avoid debt. CLEP and AP exams, which cost about $80 to earn three to eight credits, seem like a great solution. However, many students struggle with learning college-level math and science without a teacher. CLEP Professor provides that teacher!




How Does It Work?

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When should I take the CLEP or AP Exam?


CLEP and AP exams, administered by the College Board, not only earn college credit, they also validate the high school transcript and demonstrate your ability to complete college-level work on your own. A passing score on theses exams can boost applications in college admissions and scholarship selection process.


Therefore, since most students won’t know which college they will attend and their major until 11th or 12 grade (or maybe a sophomore in college), our general recommendation is that all high school students use the CLEP Professor prep course, then  take the corresponding CLEP or AP exam after completing each high school course listed below. Learn more about CLEP and AP exams here.



 *Average number of credits awarded for these exams. This number is determined by each college. 


If you know the college you will attend, google the college name along with "CLEP" or "Advanced Placement". This will give you the college's CLEP or AP granting policies page which lists the exams accepted by that college, the required score, the number of credits earned, and the class the credit is awarded. See the FAQs below for details. 





What's Included?

    • 20 Video Lectures Teach Each Topic on the Exam
    • 10-15 Practice Problems for Each Lesson Increases Retention
    • Video Solutions to Every Practice Problem Ensure Understanding
    • 3 Computer Based Practice Exams Determine Readiness
    • All Lessons taught by David Shormann, Ph.D.
    • Q & A Email Support with Dr. Shormann



How Does It Work?

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