Instructions for Grade Book: Pre-Algebra

To Access the Grade Book 

Login using the same login as the student, select “My Courses” in the top menu, then select the course title. In the top right corner, select the student’s name, then “Course Grades”.

For All Other Courses: Instructions for Grade Book


How to Use the Grade Book

There are three columns of grades: 

    • Grade: This is your student’s grade in points. 

    • Percentage: This is your student’s grade as a percentage. 

    • Average: This is NOT your student’s grade. It’s the average grade of ALL the students who have taken this assignment. 


Running Average:

This is the grade for all the assignments that have been completed so far. It does not average the zero for assignments that have not been completed. So, as long as the student has not skipped any assignments, this is where you would see the student’s current grade based on the assignments they have completed.


Final Grade:

This is the grade used at the end of the course for the final grade. It includes the zeros for assignments that were not completed. In this example, only a few assignments have been completed so the final grade is very low. At the end of the course, if all assignments are completed, the Final Grade and Running Average are the same. If they are not, see the solution below.


Issue: Final Grade and Running Average Are Not the Same

This means that means one or more assignments were not completed. Scroll through the grade book and look for assignments in the "Percentage" column that don't have a grade. See the next section to resolve this issue.


Issue: No Grade in the Percentage Column

  1. Select the title of the assignment in the Grade Book.

  2. If there is a button that says "Continue Last Attempt", this means the student opened and/or started the assignment but did click Submit All & Finish. Select the "Continue Last Attempt" button, "Finish Attempt" then, "Submit All & Finish"

  3. If there is a "Start Quiz" buttonthis means the student did not start the assignment. You can either leave it as a 0 or have the student do the assignment, which will raise the final grade.


Issue: Add Extra Credit to the Final Grade

 For details on how to add extra credit, see "Extra Credit" in the Teacher's Guide.


Issue: Transcripts & Credits

For a free transcript template and detailed instructions, see Transcripts & Credits