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Student Placement & Placement Tests

Use the chart below to determine which placement test to give your student.

While the grade level and sequence in the chart below is our standard math sequence, there are several other paths and considerations:

Gifted or Strong Math Students:  If you have a strong or gifted math student, go up one grade level. Then, take the placement test for that course to confirm placement.

Reluctant or Struggling Math Students: The usual recommendation is to go back or down one grade level. Please take a placement test for that course to confirm placement. 

Take Algebra 1 & 2 over 3 Semesters EachThree Semesters  
These courses each earn 1.5 credits so they can be taken over three semesters which would make the sequence a little slower. 

Which Placement Test Should I Take? First, find your students grade in Column 1. Adjust up or down based on the info above. Select the Placement Test course you think your student should take in the chart below. If the student does not pass the test, come back and select a lower grade level.  

Grade Placement Test
4th Saxon 5/4, Third Edition
5th Saxon 6/5, Third Edition
6th Saxon 7/6, Fourth Edition
7th Shormann Pre-Algebra
8th Shormann Algebra 1
with Integrated Geometry
9th Shormann Algebra 2
with Integrated Geometry
10th Shormann Precalculus
with Trigonometry
11th Shormann Calculus 1
12th Shormann Calculus 2


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