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Saxon + Shormann Math Credits

This information only applies to students

who took Saxon Algebra 1 or 2. 



*Saxon Algebra 1, 3rd Ed + Shormann Algebra 2

Students who complete Saxon Algebra 1 then Shormann Algebra 2 earn 1 full credit of geometry. How? Because Saxon Algebra 1, 3rd Edition teaches about 1/3 of the concepts required to earn 1/2 credit of geometry, the geometry concepts not taught in Saxon can be learned in the review section (first 25 lessons) of Shormann Algebra 2. The second 1/2 credit of geometry, as well as 1 credit of Algebra 2, is earned in the remaining Shormann Algebra 2 lessons.  

How do I record these credits on a transcript?

9th Grade      Course          Credit       Grade

                       Algebra 1           1              A

10th Grade     Course              Credit       Grade

                        Algebra 2              1             A  

                   Geometry              1             A



**Saxon Algebra 2, 2nd or 3rd Edition + Shormann Precalculus

Completing Saxon Algebra 2 earns 1 credit of Algebra 2 and 1/2 credit of Geometry. Since Shormann Precalculus reviews all the geometry taught in Shormann Algebra 2, the remaining 1/2 credit of geometry, and 1 Precalculus credit can be earned in Shormann Precalculus. 

How do I record these credits on a transcript?

10th Grade      Course          Credit       Grade

                       Algebra 2            1              A

 Geometry           1/2             A


11th Grade     Course              Credit       Grade

   Precalculus            1             A  

                   Geometry              1/2          A

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