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Video Lectures and Video Labs 

DIVE Biology is a complete, college preparatory, one year curriculum that does all the teaching for you! This course includes video lectures and labs, a printable workbook and lab manual, video solutions to all workbook and lab activites, a weekly assignment chart, and a free email Q&A Email Service with Dr. Shormann

Each lesson is made of a list of terms to define (or use our free digital flashcards), a reading assignment, a video lecture (students take notes), and a worksheet. Students grade and correct their worksheets using the video solutions found at the end of each lecture. There are typically two to three lessons like this per week as well as a video lab.

Video labs can be completed hands-on using our lab kit, but they were designed so you don't have to. The video labs are very zoomed in and the student takes notes, makes calculations, drawing and charts in their lab manual while watching the video labs. Dr. Shormann gives video solutions to the lab questions at the end of the lab video which the students use to grade and correct their work.

Topics include but are not limited to Science and Christianity, biochemistry, cells, genetics, creation, evolution, bacteria, protozoans, fungi, plants, animals, ecology and human anatomy.

DIVE Biology will encourage students to become naturalists. One of the first tasks God assigned Adam was to name the animals, giving Adam a chance to become familiar with the animals he had been given responsibility for. Today's science classes typically don't emphasize the naming of plants and animals, and most students probably could not name 10 bird species that live near them, not to mention plants, mammals and other organisms. DIVE Biology encourages the memorization of plant and animal names through the use of Biology Facts Quizzes. These are computer-based quizzes that give students an opportunity to memorize a list of plants or animals, plus other lists such as the names of human bones.


Taught from A Biblical Foundation

Students using DIVE Biology will become adept at working with the scientific method, will be familiar with the use of technology in science, and will develop their lab skills above and beyond most of their peers. Most importantly, students will have a better understanding and appreciation for the rich Christian heritage that exists in science, and will better understand the importance of studying His Word and His Works as they seek to become good rulers of His creation.


Your Choice of Textbook

Weekly reading assignments can be completed using our free Internet Textbook, which is a chart with links to specific websites to complete the reading. If you prefer a traditional textbook, we recommend either Bob Jones, Apologia, or A Beka. We have a reading syllabus for these books, as well as many others, that tell you exactly what to read each week. Click here to view a complete list of Reading Syllabi.


Advanced or Standard High School Course

Based on the CLEP and AP standards, DIVE Biology is an advanced course that contains all the labs required for an AP Biology course. Although it was designed to be an advanced course, it can be used as a standard high school course by allowing students to take the quarterly exams as "open note" exams.


Earn up to 8 College Credits by Exam

After completing DIVE Biology, we recommend Dr.  Shormann’s CLEP Professor for CLEP and AP Biology. This three to six week course provides excellent preparation for these exams which can earn up to 8 college credits. Learn more about  AP exams here and CLEP exams here.

Printable Workbook with Video Solutions

A printable PDF of this workbook is included with your DIVE course. We sell it as a convenience for those who do not want to print the workbook at home. 138 pages. Spiral bound with heavy covers.







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