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  • Everything you need for a successful year of Biology! A printable PDF of the lab workbook is included in the eLearning course. A hard copy in full color and spiral bound with free 2-3 day shipping is also available.
  • State-of the art eLearning course with video lectures and labs, interactive homework, quizzes, and exams, auto grading, grade recording,  video solutions, Lab Workbook, and optional lab kit (purchase separately).
  • Optional Lab Kit: Sold by Nature's Workshop Plus, the lab kit is recommended by not required. Watching the DIVE video lab while completing the DIVE Lab Workbook earns 1 credit of Biology with Lab. For details, click the lab kit image in the description below for details.

Self- Paced eLearning Course for DIVE Biology

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Product Description

How Does the eCourse Work?

Push the play icon below to learn how the eLearning Biology works.



Lab Manual

During the video labs, the activity pages in the Lab Workbook is used to formulate a hypothesis, record data, make calculations, and evaluate results.

A printable PDF is included with your course.  A hard copy, printed in color on 3 hole punched paper is available for those who do not want to print the 86 pages at home: Hard Copy Lab Manual


Lab Kit

While the labs can be completed by watching the video labs and filling in the lab activity pages in the lab manual, a lab kit is available to complete most of the labs hands-on. Both options earn 1 credit of Biology with Lab. Learn More 

Sample Courses: Try it before you buy it!


Click the link above to read the complete Teacher's Guide with detailed instructions for each component, a scope and sequence, and much more!


Connecting Scripture to science, Dr. Shormann teaches from a 6-Day Creation Worldview. He inspires students to DIVE deeper into science and Scripture by teaching that science is a tool for understanding God and the purpose and pattern evident in Creation.


Video solutions are provided for the digital worksheets and lab activites. Teaching how and why, each complex concept is taught step by step on the digital blackboard. These solutions ensure your child understands each concept.


Every 8 weeks there is an exam. Quarterly exams promote study habits similar to what a student should expect in college, where exams are given infrequently and cover a large amount of material. On the week of the exam, no other work is assigned. If you would like an AP course, we recommend giving the exams traditionally with a one hour time limit. If you prefer a regular high school course, give the exams open book, open note, or with a "cheat sheet". Of these, we like the "cheat sheet" method because it best teaches students how to prioritize and organize the information, providing an easier transition from weekly to quarterly exams.  


While our program is very comprehensive, occasionally a little extra help is needed. Students and parents can email Dr. Shormann directly anytime they have a question concerning the course. Emails are answered within one business day or less.  


All the grades from the digital worksheets, quarterly exams, and facts practice are automatically recorded in an online grade book. Parents use the student login to view assignments and scores. After each assignment is completed a results page displays the questions, correct answers, missed problems, and the grade. This results page can be printed and/or emailed to the parent each time an assignment is completed. 


There is a reading assignment for every lesson. The reading assignment can be completed using our Internet Textbook, which is embedded in the eLearning course for quick and easy access. If you prefer a traditional textbook, we recommend Bob Jones Biology, Apologia's Exploring Creation with Biology, or Abeka Biology.  However, since we have a reading syllabus for just about every publisher, you can choose any textbook you like. SEE READING SYLLABI on the pages 13-15 of the Teacher Guide.


Upon completion, we recommend our CLEP Professor for CLEP and AP Biologypurchased separately,a three week course that specifically prepares students for CLEP and AP Biology exams. Not only do these exams award up to 8 college credits, a passing score can significantly boost your college admissions and scholarship applications in the selection process. Click on the link above to learn more about this program.

 How Do I Access the Course?

Within 1-2 business days after purchase, you will receive an email titled "Login Credentials" with a link to the eLearning campus, the student's user name, and password. If you don't receive it, please check your spam, updates, and trash folders, then contact us here. 

Start Date: The start date of your subscription is your purchase date. We no longer offer an option to select a future start date. If you are not ready to start your course now, please wait and purchase when you are ready to start or want to access the course for planning, etc.

Which Email Address Should I List?

Student Email Address

Please provide a different email address for each child enrolled in an eLearning course. For example if, Joe is enrolled in eLearning Biology and his sibling, John, is enrolled in eLearning ICP, they must have different email addresses for each of their accounts. This email address is only used to re-set the password to the eLearning account, if needed. Therefore, any working email address can be listed in the Student Email field, as long as it has not being used by another child you have enrolled.

Parent Email Address

The email address listed during check out, should be the parent’s email. This is the address the the eLearning course login credentials will be sent. This is also the email address used to contact the parent, if needed.

Parent Login

Parents use the student's login credentials to view assignments, grades, results, etc. After each assignment is completed, the student can email the results page that displays all the questions, the correct answer and your student's answer. The results for each assignment can also be viewed by clicking on the grade in the grade book.

Can a parent take the course along with the student?

If the parent would like to complete assignments, a sibling subscription can be purchased for the parent. 

Sample Weekly Schedule

This self-paced course is set up on a 32 week schedule with an average of two video lectures, two worksheets, 20 definitions, and one lab to complete each week. Every 8 weeks there is a quarterly exam. The lecture and lab videos average 30 minutes each, but don't forget to add time for pausing, rewinding, and note-taking. While this is a flexible self-paced course, a typical week could look like this:






Key Features:

  • Teacher's Guide (click to view)
  • Comprehensive, full year course
  • Based on a flexible 32 week schedule
  • User friendly interface allows students to work independly
  • 2-3 Video lectures per week provide expert instruction
  • 1 Video Lab per week (2-3 lab activities each)
  • Digital Interactive Worksheets
  • Automated grading & grade recording
  • Embedded video solutions for Lesson Reviews
  • Q&A email support with Dr. Shormann
  • Parent can change grades and reset assignments
  • Updated video lessons and graphics
  • 12 Month Subscription
  • $20 Renewal for Siblings Learn More
  • Web-based course
  • Accessed on any compute or device (tablet, iPad, etc)

System Requirements

  • Compatible with all iOS devices like iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone
  • Compatible with Android devices
  • Internet access: Requirements
  • Mac and Windows Compatible - Firefox browser (free) is recommended
  • Headphones or speakers 

Warranty Information

Important Policies:

1. Because they contain downloadable files, accessed courses can't be refunded or exchanged.

2. Try it before you buy it! A sample course with the first two weeks of lessons are available at

3. Please allow 2 business days to set up your eLearning course(s). To login, follow the steps on your order confirmation email.

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  1. Not high school level

    Posted by Eric Nelson on 23rd Sep 2020

    I should have listened to Shormann's recommendation to complete physical science(DIVE Integrated Chemistry and Physics) first. This curriculum is too advanced for my 9th grader. It immediately uses chemical equations and launches into concepts like "nitrification in aquatic ecosystems" in the second lab. This is not a typical high school level Biology course, much more like a college level course.

  2. Amazing curriculum

    Posted by Unknown on 17th Oct 2019

    We love Dr. Shormann's classes! This is a great biology course and we have been learning so much! The videos, lectures and reading have been so helpful in getting a grasp of all the information being taught! Wonderful biology course!

  3. Christian & College Prep!

    Posted by Dietz Family on 31st Mar 2019

    This year our 5th daughter used D.I.V.E. Biology Curriculum by Dr. David E. Shormann. Four of our other daughters have also used this same curriculum with great results. After researching many curriculums, we purchased this curriculum due to the lecture format, labs, and the ability to choose the resource text (we chose Apologia). We wanted our children to learn to take lecture notes and study and test taking skills. The curriculum prepared each of our four older daughters for college level science and lab work. Dr. Shormann delivers what is stated on the front of the curriculum, "A digital video curriculum that teaches college preparatory biology from a Christian worldview." This curriculum is challenging, as it gives the student an upper grade education that some may find intimidating, if they do not keep in mind that that this is preparing the student for college level work and can even be used in preparation for CLEP testing. Our daughter who just finished this course told me that this class was "challenging me to think more vividly about how intricate God's Creation is. Though it took time and application, this course was definitely worth the energy. D.I.V.E Biology was a hearty course, and I fully enjoyed it as it gave me a better appreciation for science, the world around me, and my Creator." Even though I received a copy of the lab book to review, I believe that this curriculum is priced competitively and is a great value. I would highly recommend this curriculum for students who are preparing for college level work.

  4. I look forward to learning everyday!

    Posted by Emma on 31st Mar 2019

    Dr. Shormann,

    I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the DIVE courses. I am finishing up Biology this week and I am quite sad. I have enjoyed this course so much!

    Thank you for teaching things from a Biblical perspective. I know it isn't the popular thing to do, but it is so important to have good courses out there.

    I love how you showed us the world's theories and thoughts, but then showed the Biblical arguments against them. Even though I have been through apologetics before, the way you presented the arguments gave me an even greater understanding of how to have an intelligent discussion with someone who opposes creationism.

    I have grown so much as a student through this course, but I have also grown as a Christian. As I see how His creation works and how marvelously it has all been designed, it only causes me to grow closer to Him. What a wonderful Creator we serve!I praise God for the DIVE courses and how He has allowed them to work in me. I have been so blessed by this great curriculum. Thank you for making Biology fun. I look forward to learning every day. I can't wait until sophomore year so I can get back to DIVE!Keep up the good work :)

  5. Thank You

    Posted by Kristie on 16th Feb 2017

    Dear Dr. Shormann,

    On behalf of my kids, we want to thank you for creating the CLEP Professor and other videos. My oldest daughter has taken the College Algebra and received college credit. She took it along side her first semester of precalculus and mentioned that it also helped her with the class. Now she is excited to take the Precalc CLEP after she finished the class this spring. She would have loved to have DIVE prep for College Mathematics, but she took the CLEP and passed gaining more credit. We have also used
    the DIVE Biology and loved it. Thanks so much.

  6. Great with Apologia Science

    Posted by Unknown on 23rd Mar 2016

    My daughter was struggling with Apologia Biology last year, so I decided to purchase DIVE Biology to go along with the Apologia Textbook. She is very happy because she finally understands much better the subject and she is starting to love Science again. We will continue to use DIVE with Science High School for Physics and Chemistry too.

  7. Message of Gratitude

    Posted by Cathy W. on 10th Dec 2015

    Today was one of those spectacular, praise God for home education moments, as I listened in on the above Biology lecture. My daughter loves this course, and I am wholly unequipped to teach high school sciences. I cannot adequately express my gratitude for the truthful expression of Christian truth and ideals presented in this unit. In addition, the acknowledgment and "warning" that students will not encounter these truths in secular science studies and tests, empowers students with these truths. I cannot begin to express how grateful I am for your work, and that we were able to connect with D.I.V.E. Science. Truly, a grace and a blessing to my daughter's academic journey. God bless you!