The Exchange of Truth by Dr. David Shormann

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The best scientists in the history of the world didn't believe in it, so why should you? Men like Newton, Euler, Galileo, Kepler, Bacon, Kelvin and Faraday believed Scripture and science, God's Word and His Works, were completely compatible and should be studied together. Then Darwin came along and published, On the Origin of Species for the purpose of showing that "species had not been separately created" (Descent of Man, p.62), exchanging the truth of God for a lie and paving the way for a study of science apart from God.

Evolutionary thinking has taken a tremendous toll on the lives and minds of many, but there is hope. In The Exchange of Truth, Dr. Shormann shows that with a little thought and a basic understanding of genetics and probability, anyone can liberate themselves from evolution's false worldview. Read the book and learn how.

The Exchange of Truth is a recommended reading for DIVE Biology.

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