Sibling Subscription for DIVE Biology Self-Paced eLearning Course

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12 month subscription.Please allow 2 business days to set up your eLearning course(s). To login, follow the steps on your order confirmation email.


This product can only be purchased if the eLearning Biology  course has been purchased at full price on a previous order or purchased at the same time as the Sibling Subscription for a student in your household.


What is a Sibling Subscription?

After purchasing an eLearning course for the first student in your family, each sibling in the family can be enrolled in that course for $20. For example, if eLearning Biology is purchased for Joe, when Joe’s little brother, John, is ready to take Biology, a sibling subscription can be purchased for John.  


When Should I Purchase a Sibling Subscription?

A Sibling Subscription should be purchased near the time the sibling will start the course. If the sibling is taking the course with the primary student, purchase the courses together. If the sibling is taking the course in a year or two, purchase the sibling subscription then. There is no time limit between purchasing the primary student's course and purchasing each sibling subscription. 



Email Addresses

Student Email Address

Please provide a different email address for each child enrolled in an eLearning course. For example if, Joe is enrolled in eLearning Biology and his sibling, John, is enrolled in eLearning ICP, they must have different email addresses for each of their accounts. This email address is only used to re-set the password to the eLearning account, if needed. Therefore, any working email address can be listed in the Student Email field, as long as it has not being used by another child you have enrolled. 


Parent Email Address

The email address listed during check out, should be the parent’s email. This is the address the the eLearning course login credentials will be sent. This is also the email address used to contact the parent, if needed.


Parent Login

Parents use the student's login credentials to view assignments, grades, results, etc. After each assignment is completed, the student can email the results page that displays all the questions, the correct answer and your student's answer. The results for each assignment can also be viewed by clicking on the grade in the grade book. 


Can a parent take the course along with the student?

If the parent would like to complete assignments, a sibling subscription can be purchased for the parent. 




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Product Reviews

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    Love it!!

    Posted by HS mom4 on 2nd Mar 2022

    The Shormann products are easy to use and our students are able to work independently and feel successful in completeing the course. We love that everything is based from scripture. The content is all easily accessible by the student. As mom, I love that there are videos for lecture and labs, as well as the grading is done for me. Also I love that we have a choice of online textbook or physical textbook, one of our students used online and the other physical textbook. I have recommended Shormann math and science to all of my friends. We have graduated 2 children from high school using Shormann Biology and other Shormann products and our 3rd child is currently going through Biology. Then there's the discount for siblings no matter the years between the last student that took the course. This course is a great choice if you are short on prep-time, or grade-time and desire a full-on college prep course, whether or not you seek to go on to college. IT"S GREAT!!! So much GOOD to say:) Thank you Dr. Shormann.

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