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Stream & Download: Video Lectures for Saxon 8/7 with Pre-Algebra, Third Edition

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Product Description

We now recommend our new Shormann Pre-Algebra Self-Paced eCourse featuring daily video lessons, interactive assignments with auto grading and grade recording, video solutions, and Q&A service with Dr. Shormann. Based on John Saxon’s original Teaching methods , this course is updated with 21st-century concepts. Learn More: Saxon vs. Shormann Math


How does it work?

Watch this short video to view how the DIVE for Saxon Math course works!



According to Houghton Mifflin, Saxon is the #1 selling homeschool math curriculum. However, because it was designed for schools, the lesson in the Saxon text is only a summary. That's why John Saxon recommended an experienced Saxon teacher to teach the complete lesson. Otherwise, the lessons can appear disorganized and confusing. DIVE provides that expert instruction!

7-2018-h87-3-icon-for-v87-3-product-page-canva.pngWhile other supplements simply teach the summary, Dr. Shormann, who has taught Saxon 5/4 - AP Calculus for over twenty years, teaches the complete lesson step-by-step. For example, when Lesson 40 builds on a concept taught in lesson 20, Dr. Shormann reviews Lesson 20, teaching how the new concept simply adds one more step to what they already know. This creates “bite-sized” lessons that are  easy to understand. The Saxon text does not include this essential instruction.


Course Description

Developing fluency (speed and accuracy) in foundational math skills like fraction, decimal, and percent conversions, Saxon Math 8/7 with Pre-Algebra provides excellent preparation for Algebra 1! Topics include scientific notation, statistics, probability, ratios, proportions, simplifying and balancing equations, factoring algebraic expressions, slope-intercept form, graphing linear equations, arcs, sectors, the Pythagorean theory, and more! After successfully completing this course, skip Saxon Algebra 1/2 and take Algebra 1.  Table of Contents




 What's Included: 


What You Need:

saxon-87-kit-3d-no-bg.png      **Recommended Edition**

The Homeschool Kit includes all the Saxon books you need: 

Student Textbook, Tests & Worksheets Booklet, and the Solutions Manual

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Other Compatible Saxon Books 

Saxon Course 2  saxon-course-2.png

Use only if required by a school or class. While it is not a perfect match, a cross-reference syllabus is available that tells exactly which DIVE lecture to watch for each corresponding lesson in the Saxon Course 2 textbook. View Here



saxon-87-school-edition.png  Saxon 87 School Edition

 This text should only be used if required by a school or teacher. The Saxon 8/7 Homeschool Kit, 3rd Edition provides better preparation for Algebra 1. Learn More: Saxon Editions




 Sample Video Lecture

   Turn your volume down, select Play, then click the [ ] icon to view in full screen. 




How do I access the Download & Stream DIVE Lectures?

After purchase, an email confirmation of your order is sent. Within an hour or so, another email, titled Watch Now, is sent. Follow the steps on this email to access lectures. See Detailed Instructions


 How do I download & stream the lectures on my computer or device?

On a computer, you can either download the files or stream in your browser like Netflix or iTunes.  To view on a device like an iPad or Android Tablet, download the VHX app from your device's App Store.  Detailed Instructions


Where should I place my child?

  Your student is ready for Saxon 8/7 if one of the following applies:

        • Completed Saxon 7/6
        • Is in 7th Grade or higher, has memorized multiplication facts to at least 9, and has not had pre-algebra 

Learn More: Student Placement Tests


Saxon Algebra 1/2 vs Saxon Math 8/7: What's the difference?

See: Algebra 1/2 vs Math 8/7


Why use Saxon Math?

Find out why we think the best curriculum is Saxon Math   


How does DIVE work? 










 System Requirements


 Mobile Devices:  iPhone: iOS 7.0+ iPhone 4 and up

 iPad: iOS 7.0+ iPad 3 and up

 Android: 4.2+  

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  Computers: Stream or download using the following browsers

 IE 10+   Safari 7+   Firefox 31+   Chrome 37+

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  Television:  Apple TV 2nd Gen+

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Sample Lecture

Sample Course- Try Before You Buy! The sample course has everything you need, including the Saxon pages, to complete the first 10 lessons.








Dr. Shormann teaches every lesson step by step on a digital blackboard that looks and sounds like a real classroom. The only difference is, you can easily pause, rewind and fast-forward the lecture, learning at your own pace. With degrees in aerospace engineering and science, Dr. Shormann has over 15 years experience teaching all levels of Saxon Math. His unique experience enables him to understand how all the lessons in a book fit together as well as how the curriculum builds all the way through Calculus and Physics.



Teaching three to five practice problems in each lesson, Dr. Shormann reviews previously learned concepts and connects each "bite-sized" concept to the next. This makes complex concepts easier to grasp while showing students the big picture. During the lecture, students work interactively by taking notes and working the practice problems with him. They are encouraged to pause, rewind, and fast-forward until they fully understand the new concept. View sample lectures on the 



Connecting Scripture with math and science, he teaches math as the God-given language of science, a tool for understanding God’s creation and the purpose and pattern evident in Creation. The history of mathematics is also discussed which shows the tremendous Christian heritage of mathematics and science, and how all mathematics resulted from a study of His creation. It doesn’t take long to discuss, but it is important to remind all students that God is the Author and Creator of all knowledge, including mathematics. Consider this: in our world, there exists a huge collection of facts, all subject to interpretation. Who do you want to interpret those facts for your child, a Christian or a non-Christian?  



After the lecture, students complete homework problems in the Saxon textbook. Each homework set provides continual review of previously learned concepts. Research has shown this method superior for increasing long term retention and recall time but it can be a problem for students who need to re-learn forgotten concepts. With DIVE, the student simply re-watches the corresponding DIVE lecture which is printed in parentheses next to each question. Better than giving them the answer, the student relearns the forgotten concept and immediately applies it to the problem; significantly increasing retention.



The Saxon Homestudy Kit includes a Solutions Manual which shows how to work each problem step by step. We recommend reviewing the corresponding DIVE lesson first, then consult the Solutions Manual if further help is needed. If more help is needed, you can email Dr. Shormann for more detailed explanations. However, our program is so comprehensive, this is rarely necessary. SEE WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS SAY BY CLICKING ON THE REVIEWS TAB.



Saxon published three editions of Math 8/7. Dr. Shormann recommends the third edition. While the second edition is very similar, the third edition has larger, developmentally appropriate text, lesson references to quickly re-learn forgotten concepts and a solutions manual with step-by-step solutions. Unless you already have the second edition student text, facts drills, tests, and answer key, use the third edition. The first edition is not recommended as it does not have enough pre-algebra to prepare students for Algebra 1. 

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Product Videos

DIVE Instructional CD for Saxon Math 8/7 3rd Edition Lesson 50 17:45

Digital Interactive Video Education (DIVE) CDs teach every lesson in the corresponding Saxon Math textbook. Each lesson is taught step by step on a digital whiteboard that looks and sounds like a real classroom. The only difference is you are able to pause, rewind, and fast forward, learning at your own pace. They are taught by Dr. David Shormann who holds degrees in Aerospace Engineering, Marine Chemistry, and Limnology from the University of Texas at Austin and Texas A&M University at College Station. He teaches from a distinctively Christian Worldview. Connecting Scripture to math and science, he shows students how math is the God-given language of science which can be used to better understand God and the world He created. Visit for more information.

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  1. My daughter really enjoys it.

    Posted by navsubrm on 19th Oct 2018

    It has been great for my daughter to have instructive videos available at her fingertips. Usually, she would reach a part she didn’t understand and then get stuck until I could explain it. Now she can watch the videos anytime for assistance.

  2. Great help!

    Posted by Jill Mulvihill on 27th Aug 2018

    The lessons were just enough to help my son out.

  3. Great Program!

    Posted by Christi Blake on 3rd Jun 2018

    We have tried numerous programs for math for my son who struggled with math including Saxon by itself. Dr Shorman has unlocked something in my son and he finally gets it. He now doesn't dread math but actually enjoys it on a daily basis. We will be doing Dive Earth science also next school year along with math.

  4. Great review product

    Posted by BG on 25th Apr 2016

    My daughter still does not like math, but this gives her a good review of the concepts without us having to argue as much. I was able to put it on our iPad which is also very convenient. We will definitely being buying the same product next year for Algebra 1.

  5. All we expected and wanted:)

    Posted by Amber on 20th Jan 2014

    Tech support was personal, friendly and patient. We purchased the download to make better use of the ipad mini my son bought for himself and mom didn't want another game. We have the cd's but needed something easier for when were on the road. This is exactly like the cd's. We were able to do our research before the ipad was purchased and all the information we needed was available in some way. Not being tech savvy I had trouble downloading correctly and sent a message be email and phone and with in 24 hours or so I received a call from Karen Shormann and she graciously and patiently walked this non tech mom through every step. I am so thankful for the Christian support. Thank you to Dive into Math.

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