Placement Tests

4th - 7th Grade Math Placement


Advanced or Gifted 4th - 7th Grade Student

If you think your student should be placed ABOVE the standard grade level posted below, administer this Placement Test to confirm readiness: Saxon Middle Grades Placement Test


Standard 4th through 7th Grade Student

The first 30 lessons of each Saxon Math course reviews the concepts from the previous level. Therefore, regardless of the curriculum or level completed previously, fourth through seventh graders are placed according to grade level as listed below.  If your student is advanced or has a learning disability, scroll to the next section.   

Caution: While you can administer the Placement Test, if Saxon was not used for the previous course, the it may place your student lower than necessary. Most students should be placed at or no lower than one grade level below. not be placed more than one level below their grade* in the chart below. 


4th Grade- Math 5/4, 3rd Edition

5th Grade - Math 6/5, 3rd Edition

6th Grade- Math 7/6, 4th Edition

7th Grade & Has Mastered Multiplications Facts to 9: Saxon 8/7, 3rd Edition

7th Grade & Has NOT Mastered Multiplications Facts to 9: 

1. Read this article: Multiplication Facts

2. Decide: Work on multiplication facts then start Saxon 87. Or, take Saxon 7/6, 4th Edition. 


*The first 30 lessons of each Saxon text review the concepts from the previous text. If placing on grade level using the chart above, any concepts not taught in the previous course can be learned during these lessons. It may take more than a day or two to complete some of these lessons, but that's better than repeating a whole grade level. Use the Timed Method, our frustration free learning process explained in the DIVE Teacher Guide.



Algebra 1 - Calculus Placement Tests

Because Saxon Math does not teach all the concepts on the newly redesigned PSAT and SAT, Dr. Shormann wrote a new curriculum, based on John Saxon's original teaching methods that teaches every concept on the redesigned exams as well as the ACT. Written from a biblical and historical perspective, Shormann Math is a 21st Century curriculum that includes concepts like technology applications, computer math, current real-world word problems, and non-standard solutions not taught in Saxon Math. Hosted in a state-of-the-art self-paced eLearning system, similar to college math classes, these courses feature expert video instruction, automated grading, video solutions, Q&A email support, and more!  Learn More about Shormann Interactive Math



Saxon Placement Test for Algebra 1


Saxon Placement Test for Algebra 2


Saxon Placement Test for Advanced Math


Saxon Placement Test for Calculus



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