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"This year our 5th daughter used the D.I.V.E. Biology CD-Rom curriculum by Dr. David E. Shormann. Four of our other daughters have also used this same curriculum with great results. After researching many curriculums, we purchased this curriculum due to the CD-Rom lecture format, labs, and the ability to choose the resource text (we chose Apologia). We wanted our children to learn to take lecture notes and study and test taking skills. The curriculum prepared each of our four older daughters for college level science and lab work. Dr. Shormann delivers what is stated on the front of the curriculum, "A digital video curriculum that teaches college preparatory biology from a Christian worldview." This curriculum is challenging, as it gives the student an upper grade education that some may find intimidating, if they do not keep in mind that that this is preparing the student for college level work and can even be used in preparation for CLEP testing. Our daughter who just finished this course told me that this class was "challenging me to think more vividly about how intricate God's Creation is. Though it took time and application, this course was definitely worth the energy. D.I.V.E Biology was a hearty course, and I fully enjoyed it as it gave me a better appreciation for science, the world around me, and my Creator." Even though I received a copy of the lab book to review, I believe that this curriculum is priced competitively and is a great value. I would highly recommend this curriculum for students who are preparing for college level work." - Dietz Family



“I highly recommend DIVE Science. The DIVE courses are written with the AP and CLEP in mind. My daughter finally made the switch as a senior and wished she would done it sooner. She felt it prepared her to get an A for her two semesters in Anatomy and Physiology. And gave her what she needs to be a 4.0 nursing BSN student. My son who is a national merit finalist was stuck in apologia chemistry until we switched to BJU with DIVE. He also did all the Physics APs. (He did two additional semesters in high school, because he had the time of MIT free online physics, which Dr. Shormann recommended to us.) He felt this prepared him for the rigors of his electrical engineering program. He is also a 4.0 engineering student. These programs in high school really turned things around for them in science. They are both majoring in heavily technical/scientific fields. Here is the proof in the pudding scores, Chemistry 4/5 AP, Biology CLEP 70's, Physics B and both C exams a 5/5. BTW my daughter who did the Chemistry AP without DIVE and just Apologia got a 3/5. As you can see now as a Junior in college with a 4.0 she had more potential than what just the Apologia could give her. Loved Apologia in the younger years, but in our family it didn't make the cut for high school. Lisa C.”

Earth Science eLearning

“This [eLearning course] is the most awesome science course I have seen for Earth Science. It is jam-packed with interesting facts and beautiful photographs. As a mom it is easy to use, and the grading is done for you so you always know where your student stands. My student really enjoyed doing the work because it was on the computer. The immediate feedback when she got an answer wrong really helped her pay better attention. -Debbie”


“This product meets all our needs. Challenging enough to prep our student for CLEP exam. I am a science nerd and I just love DIVE products. I really appreciate the fact Dr Shormann stays true to creation based design. Hats off to all who worked to create such a wonderful product!! -MG”

DIVE Earth Science 

“I had given up on finding a Christian-based Earth Science curriculum for my 9th grader that didn't require me to struggle to teach it myself, until a friend discovered DIVE. There are great, beautifully illustrated, Christian-based Earth Science curriculums out there, but unless you have a science background, it can be difficult to teach it yourself when you get to the upper grades. We especially struggled with the lab experiments. We would be all excited when the box of interesting-looking, colorful (and expensive) lab supplies arrived, but would soon be bogged down in trying to follow detailed instructions we couldn't figure out. DIVE Earth Science COMES WITH A TEACHER giving the lecture and demonstrating the labs while giving step by step lab instructions on VIDEO. The suggested weekly schedule breaks the lessons down into digestible pieces that don't overwhelm the student. The student learns to take notes during a lecture - a crucial skill they will need to have in college. They are encouraged to use their notes to take the review quizzes and they quickly learn that the better notes they take, the better they do on the quiz! The curriculum is affordable - $80. Lab supplies have to be purchased separately, but the good thing is that the teacher says you can do as many or as few of the experiments as you want or can afford because they can watch the experiments on the video. Of course, you are encouraged to do as many as you are able since we do learn more by doing. Overall, I have been very pleased with this curriculum and highly recommend it! -April”

DIVE Chemistry eLearning Course

“We have used the DIVE Courses for years for math. I enjoy hearing Dr. Shormann explain math to my kids in an orderly manner with scripture intertwined. My son is using the the Chemistry eLearning which includes Chem I and II this year. He has the option of taking the CLEP Chem or AP Chem exam at the end of the school year. Great opportunity! We absolutely love the eLearning! This takes the burden off of me of keeping up with weekly quizzes which ensures he is learning and studying and quarterly testing. Quizzes are given after each lecture. My son studies prior to the quiz and gets immediate feedback on his quiz. The automatic score is very motivating for him. He wants to do well. The result is sent to me via e-mail. The student also develops note-taking skills through this program. The quarterly testing schedule prepare the student for the type of testing in college. eLearning Chemistry is highly recommended!!! -Denise F.”

DIVE Earth Science Course

“I used your Earth Science course and I love it. It is easy to use, the grading calculator is such a lifesaver for a mom with 5 kids, just plug in the grade and move on, the grade is there at the click of a mouse. My student loved doing the lesson each day and answering the questions right on the computer with immediate feedback at the end of the review questions. -Debbie”

 DIVE Biology Course

“Just wanted to let you know how thankful we are for your Dive products. My son is currently using the Dive Geometry and Biology. I am truly impressed with your homeschool resources and grateful for the reasonable prices. Blessings, Marie K.”


“I'm really appreciating your ministry. I have two sons taking your courses. I finally found what I was looking for in Science and Math. I especially like that your husband teaches the students how to learn: define terms, lecture, take notes and practice. I homeschool my 3 sons: 16, 13, and 8 years old. Sincerely, Esmerald”


“We love the DIVE Math and science programs. We have used your math CD's since 7/6 and science since Physical Science. My son takes his science classes, using Bob Jones texts, at our cover school and every year we have been able to use your program to expand his classroom work.”


“I remember the first day 4 yrs ago when my daughter first watched the DIVE CD. She came running up to tell me to sit down and watch the cd with her because she couldn't believe how her teacher is proudly stating that he is a Christian and either accept it or turn it off sorta way. NO sugar coating it in a way that might offend those that are NOT Christians. Along with our standards and thru Dr. Shormann’s teachings, she is a very strong Christian young woman. So, with great thanks and gratitude for the straight forward thinking and influence through their education. I also find great satisfaction when my strong-willed child listens to Dr. Shormann's course and nails his weaknesses every time!!!!! And when he says, "Don't be lazy, have a good attitude and take advantage of the opportunities God gives you." Karen, my son looks at me every time he hears this with a grin and I just tell him I love him for be honest and smart. But nothing better when we are trying to prove a point and they hear the same exact words from someone else. It is funny and he and I have fun with it in a good way. Again, thank you for allowing God to lead you both in directions to encourage us as homeschoolers and to being strong Christian examples for our children. God Bless you both!”

  DIVE Chemistry

“I so appreciate the excellent customer service you have given us in the past two days. It gives me even more confidence in the DIVE programs, and I was already a fan of your products. Most people today do not believe in going the extra mile, but you obviously do and it speaks greatly not only for your integrity, but also your witness on behalf of Christ. I cannot thank you enough for your attention to our problem. You and I spoke this summer at the Denver homeschool conference. You aided me in choosing the correct math curriculum for Haley; I had already purchased Saxon Geometry, but you advised against it and gave me reason why. Thank you for that, Algebra 2 has worked so well for Haley. In addition, 7th grade son is using Dive for the first time this year with the Algebra 1 program (Saxon). My son and daughter both really love "Dr. Dave" as we call him. I was not planning on using Dive for Haley's chemistry, but OH so glad you guided me in that direction as she is doing well with a subject that doesn't come as easily to her as others, and she is working the AP program at that! I valued your expert advice and may seek it again as I strive to make the best academic choices for my children. I have worked to advise many others as they begin/continue to homeschool as I am a licensed teacher in our state with nearly two decades experience in the public school classroom. I have advised many to use your programs and will continue to do so. Your personal care of our concern gives me even more reason to sing your praises and recommend your curriculum support systems. Blessings, Michelle N”


“I was homeschooled through high school, using many of your DIVE products and really enjoyed them. They helped me to excel in math and science and earn several college credits by passing AP exams. After completing Saxon Calculus, I started doing math tutoring for some homeschool families in my area. Currently, I am getting ready to start teaching middle and high school math classes. Thanks, Natalie K.”

DIVE Integrated Chemistry and Physics

"DIVE Integrated Chemistry & Physics has proven to be an excellent program for my daughter, who has dyslexia. She learns best using multi-sensory approaches, so video educational products are excellent for her. Dr. Shormann is easy to understand and he has written a workbook for assignments and labs that is a thorough coverage of the material. His labs make you feel like you're right there with him, which works great for those who can't afford the lab materials. His requirements are clear, and I appreciate that he allows the consumer the ability to print the workbook and glossary on our own." - Cathy W.C.


“I'm currently using this curriculum for a homeschool co-op class. The students use their own cd at home to do the lessons and we do the labs in class. This course sets a very high standard, teaching advanced concepts and demonstrating labs at the college level. It's very well designed, but the students must follow the instructions in the proper order and they also must be proficient in Algebra. I will definitely use the DIVE course again for my younger children and wish I had known about this for my now-graduated, science-loving son when we were seeking science curricula eight years ago. Here's how it works:

1. Read textbook or internet article.

2. Look up vocabulary words.

3. Watch video lesson taught by Dr. Shormann and take notes.

4. Watch and/or perform lab activity.

I purchased most of the necessary equipment and supplies through various vendors because I was trying to keep costs down for the co-op group. Were I to teach this at home, I would purchase most of the chemicals (those that are not commonly used at home) from Home Science Tools and then try to make do with household glassware and equipment. (That teaches students to be resourceful as well as saves you money!) I would not buy a kit because of my budget and because there is not one that includes everything, but I could see where that may be helpful to some families. When we finish the course this year, I'll have a really good idea of what works and what doesn't, so I'll try to get back here and update this. (ie. alcohol burners don't get hot enough for some of the experiments.) I think that the course could be updated, since AP has changed a few things in the past 10 years, and some of the web links don't work anymore. Also, some students don't do well with a video curriculum on its own, so parents will need to do the course along with those who have that struggle. That's not a bad thing parents, because your comprehension level has probably improved since your teenage years! (I believe you can also take this course online with Dr. Shormann at his site.) One of my favorite aspects of the course is Dr. Shormann's encouraging words to the students throughout the lessons and labs.” - M. White


"My son who is a national merit finalist was stuck in apologia chemistry until we switched to BJU with DIVE. He also did all the Physics APs. (He did two additional semesters in high school, because he had the time of MIT free online physics, which Dr. Shormann recommended to us.) He felt this prepared him for the rigors of his electrical engineering program. He is also a 4.0 engineering student. "


"These programs in high school really turned things around for them in science. They are both majoring in heavily technical/scientific fields."  


"Dear Dr. Shormann, Thank you for your time and thorough explanation. It answered my question and enabled me to move forward. Thank you also for all the work that have put into the DIVE CDs. Your teaching is clear, easy to understand, and you explain everything really well. Your lectures have helped me immensely, and I don't know where I would be in math with out them. I definitely agree with you, in that God has allowed us to understand math so that we can get to know Him better. I love looking in Creation and seeing God Himself! I am a senior in high-school, and I plan to go to college to study Engineering Physics, with mechanical emphasis. I want to eventually perform engine research to produce a more financially feasible engine. I would do this by creating a new energy conversion process that does more work per unit of fuel than engines today. I have always had a love for science and math, and I really look up to people like you who know so much and use it for the glory of God. Thank you for being a great example for me to follow. Sincerely, DK"



"We love the DIVE Math and science programs. We have used your math CD's since 7/6 and science since physical science (Integrated Chemistry and Physics).  AA"


DIVE Biology Course

"Dr. Shormann,

 I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the DIVE courses. I am finishing up Biology this week and I am quite sad. I have enjoyed this course so much! 

 Thank you for teaching things from a Biblical perspective. I know it isn't the popular thing to do, but it is so important to have good courses out there. 

 I love how you showed us the world's theories and thoughts, but then showed the Biblical arguments against them. Even though I have been through apologetics before, the way you presented the arguments gave me an even greater understanding of how to have an intelligent discussion with someone who opposes creationism.

 I have grown so much as a student through this course, but I have also grown as a Christian. As I see how His creation works and how marvelously it has all been designed, it only causes me to grow closer to Him. What a wonderful Creator we serve!I praise God for the DIVE courses and how He has allowed them to work in me. I have been so blessed by this great curriculum. Thank you for making Biology fun. I look forward to learning every day. I can't wait until sophomore year so I can get back to DIVE!Keep up the good work :) Emma G"

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