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Earth Science



Featuring engaging video lectures for every lesson, weekly video labs, and video solutions, DIVE Earth Science will transform  the way your child learns science! This course will give them a 21st Century science education that strengthens their faith in the absolute truth of Scripture as a God-inspired work and a true account of the history of Earth and the Universe. 

This course trains children to enjoy God's great Earth while equipping them to stand against evolutionism and Old-Earth superstitions that infect natural history displays at most museums and geologic wonders like the Grand Canyon. It covers four major areas: Earth Science Basics, Flood Geology, Limnology (Freshwater Ecosytems) and Oceanography, and Astronomy and Meteorology. 



PREREQUISITE:  Pre-algebra or Saxon Math 8/7 (completed or concurrently)

GRADE: Can be used as a Middle or High School Course


" I am very happy with the eLearning course. I was able to get my son started in a matter of minutes. It was planned out, organized and had very good instructions on how to get started. The material is easily understood and manageable. It is a computer based curriculum that I can afford without compromising quality. It is God centered and honoring. I am very thankful for the program. "  Kimberly S 


DIVE Earth Science is available in three formats. All formats include video lectures, video labs, video solutions, computer based worksheets and exams, printable lab manual, and Q&A email support with Dr. Shormann. The main difference is the way the course is deliverd.


Self-Paced eLearning Course ***Recommended Format***

The next best thing to taking a live course, this self-paced course is hosted online and features automated grading and grade recording.  

Digital Download

Our second favorite format, the digital download format is downloaded directly to your computer. It can be downloaded to multiple computers for use by all the children in your family. If you ever lose it, we will email the link again. 

CD-ROM  Because CDs are easy to lose and damage, we do not recommend this format. 



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