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Downloads for CLEP Professor

Downloads for CLEP Professor


The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) is a collection of 36 different standardized tests administered by College Board that help students earn college credits without the completing college courses themselves.

As a student, you save time and money by taking and passing CLEP exams. This helps you expedite your college courses as well as save on student loans by eliminating the number of classes required since you passed a recognized, standardized test.

DIVE Interactive Education offers CLEP test prep, called CLEP Professor, for many different subjects, including college algebra, AP physics, CLEP and AP biology, CLEP and AP calculus, CLEP and AP chemistry, and CLEP precalculus. Each of these test prep modules is hosted by Dr. Shormann through a digital download, making it accessible instantly.

CLEP Professor courses are three weeks long and are intended for students who have completed the corresponding high school class. It bridges the gap between what is learned in high school and what one would learn in college, but instead will face on the test. 

There are a variety of video lectures that teach on different topics for the exam as well as practice problems and video solutions to make sure there is complete understanding of the problem and procedure at hand.

Finally, CLEP Professor includes three computer-based practice exams that can help students determine readiness for the real exam.

Some CLEP Professor courses are designed to help students prepare for AP exams instead of CLEP tests because AP exams are more widely accepted.

Dr. Shormann is an expert in teaching science and math from a worldview. With a Christian perspective, the CLEP Professor courses show how math is the language for science and that both are used as tools for studying God’s creation. This holistic viewpoint helps students embrace otherwise confusing math and science concepts in order to best prepare them for college.

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