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 Shormann Algebra 1

"We are loving Algebra 1! We have tried 4 different Algebra 1 curriculums, and this one is THE BEST!!! Thanks so much!"




 Shormann Algebra 1


" Love this math course! It is exactly what I was hoping to find for my daughter. I've been homeschooling for over 20 years and have used Saxon, but Shormann math is much better. My daughter plans to major in Civil Engineering and this will give her the foundation that she needs. Thanks Dr.Shormann!!"



Shormann Algebra 1 eLearning Course

"The Shormann Algebra 1 online class has been great! My son grew so much. From the very beginning, Dr. Shormann presented the forefathers of mathematics. Then, giving God the glory for His creation, he proceeded to apply math to it.  The process of review on every lesson was helpful and kept my son practicing the previous skills all through the year. The whole eLearning system was helpful, too. The student could flip back to previous lessons to quickly re-learn forgotten concepts, grades were posted to view, and the weekly time with Dr. Shormann was very helpful as he wrapped up the previous lessons and introduced the new material. Having Dr. Shormann available via email was very helpful during homework lessons. Many thanks to Dr. Shormann for a terrific curriculum that is God honoring, well put together, full of test prep, user friendly, and prepares the student with confidence for more math in their future. I am very excited to see all that Shormann Algebra 2 has to offer."






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