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  • Complete video based eLearning course featuring 1-2 video lectures and 1 video lab per week. Interactive assignments with auto-grading, auto-grade recording, video solutions, and Q&A support. Meets all the new physical science course requirements and provides excellent preparation for Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.
  • Printable PDF Lab Manual.  A hard copy can also be purchased  separately.
  • While the video labs provide an excellent lab education, an optional  lab kit can be purchased from Nature's Workshop Plus.
  • Table of Contents
  • Online Teacher's Guide with course instructions is included.
  • A  free sample course with the first two week's assignments is available at

Self- Paced eLearning Course for DIVE Integrated Chemistry and Physics

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Product Description





Watch the Getting Started Lesson below to see how it works.



A 21st Century introductory chemistry and physics course designed to spark

interest in science while building a firm foundation for upper level science courses.



  • Introductory Physics and Chemistry course

  • Meets the new requirements for Physical Science 

  • Excellent preparation for Biology, Chemistry, & Physics
  • Usually taken in 8th or 9th Grade along with Algebra 1

  • Prerequisite: Students should have completed or be taking Algebra 1 along with this course.  



New Physical Science Requirements

Because the biological processes learned in biology are driven by chemical reactions, a good understanding of introductory chemistry is required to learn and understand biology.  In 2010, the colleges change the requirements for Physical Science and re-named it Integrated Physics & Chemistry. This course should now have one full semester of introductory chemistry and one full semester of introductory physics. It should not contain any Earth or space science concepts that water down the chemistry and physics required to fully understand and enjoy upper level science courses. Most colleges now require Integrated Physics and Chemistry before Biology. 






Lab Workbook 

During the video labs, the activity pages in the Lab Workbook is used to formulate a hypothesis, record data, make calculations, and evaluate results. This workbook is spiral bound with heavy covers. A printable PDF is included with your course. A hard copy, printed in full color and spiral bound with heavy covers is available for those who do not want to print the 86 pages at home.  View Lab Workbook




Quarterly exams promote study habits similar to what a student should expect in college, where exams are given infrequently and cover a large amount of material. To give the student adequate time to study, there are no assignments during the week of the exam. If you would like a Pre-AP course, we recommend giving the exams with a "review sheet" and a one hour time limit. If you prefer a regular high school course, do the exam "open note". At this level we like the "review sheet" method because it best teaches students how to prioritize and organize the information, providing an easier transition from weekly to quarterly exams. Exams are interactive and feature auto-grading and grade recording. 
While our program is very comprehensive and includes video solutions to all worksheet and lab exercises, occasionally a little extra help is needed. Students and parents can email Dr. Shormann directly anytime they have a question concerning the course. Emails are answered within one business day.  



Credits Earned: 1 Credit of Integrated Physics & Chemistry with Lab
Designed for use as an honors or standard course, DIVE Integrated Physics & Chemistry teaches all the topics for the new requirement including Science and Christianity, measurement of matter, atoms, the Periodic Table, nuclear chemistry, chemical bonds and reactions, acids and bases, Newton’s laws, work and simple machines, gases and thermodynamics, electricity and magnetism, and light. Based on the scientific method, the video labs have many fun, engaging activities that draw students in and inspire them to learn more. Scroll down to view the full scope and sequence.


Upon completion of DIVE IPC, students will be adept at working with the scientific method, developing lab skills that are above and beyond most of their peers. They will understand the importance of the energy sources used to power our world. Most importantly, students will have a better understanding of the laws God has woven into Creation. They will gain an appreciation for the rich Christian heritage that exists in science.With special emphasis on men like Isaac Newton and Michael Faraday, students will understand the importance of studying His Word and His Works as they seek to become good stewards of His creation.
Self-Paced eLearning Course vs CD-ROM
This self-paced eLearning course offers several advantages over the CD version.
  • All homework, quizzes, and quarterly exams are automatically graded and the grades are stored in an online gradebook.
  • There is no CD to lose or damage.
  • Use on almost all computers, tablets, and devices
Although this is a 32 week course, the eLearning course subscription is 12 months, providing more than enough time for parent/teacher planning, illness, and vacations. However, if more time is needed, a 12 month renewal can be purchased for $20. Each sibling can take the course for a renewal fee of $20. Learn More









How do I access my course?
 Within 1-2 business days after purchase, you will receive an email titled "PARENTS: IMPORTANT Login Credentials" with a link to the eLearning campus, the student's user name, and password. If you don't receive it, please check your spam, updates, and trash folders, then contact us here
Start Date: The start date of your subscription is your purchase date. We no longer offer an optionto select a future start date. If you are not ready to start your course now, please wait and purchase when you are ready to start or want to access the course for planning, etc.
Weekly Schedule

The course is set up on a 32 week schedule with an average of two video lectures, two worksheets, 20 definitions, and one lab to complete each week. Every 8 weeks there is a quarterly exam. The lecture and lab videos average 30 minutes each, but don't forget to add time for pausing, rewinding, and note-taking. This is what a typical week would look like:









How Do I Buy?

To purchase this course, enter your student's name and email address, then click Add to Cart. Please allow two business day for our sales team to process your enrollment and send your login information. Your 12-month subscription starts when the student's profile is set up.


12 Month Subscription

Since this is a 32-week course with a 12 month subscription period, you have plenty of time for lesson planning, sickness, vacations, etc. This is a self-paced course. No deadlines or due dates are activated at login.






Product Videos

ICP Lecture 1 Science, God and You 20:46

DIVE Integrated Chemistry and Physics Lecture 1. Featuring expert video instruction, video labs, video solutions, and Q&A email support, our self-paced course provides a 21st Century science education from a distinctly biblical perspective. For more information go to

  • ICP Lecture 1 ...
    DIVE Integrated Chemistry and Physics Lecture 1. Featuring exp...
  • ICP Lecture 2 ...
    DIVE Integrated Chemistry and Physics Lecture 2. Featuring exp...
  • DIVE Integrate...
    DIVE Integrated Chem. and Physics Lecture 4, demo of DIVE ICP
  • DIVE Integrate...
    DIVE Integrated Chem. and Physics Lab 3, demo of DIVE ICP

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  1. 4th Time using this Perfect High School Science

    Posted by Bobbi H. on 10th Dec 2019

    I have used this combo chemistry and physics for all 4 of my kids! It covers the basics for both of these physical sciences, giving them a great foundation. My oldest 2 did not pursue science or engineering, so they did not need advanced courses in these subjects. They took biology and geology at a local college and scored A's. They were well prepared for the rigor of the more advanced science. It also looked very well rounded on their transcripts to have chemistry, physics, biology and then physical geology. They both got into very competative colleges with scholarships. AND I LOVE THE BIBLICAL WORLDVIEW!! Great conversations ensued from doing this at our kitchen counter. (I recommend doing some labs hands on...very fun!)

  2. great curriculum

    Posted by Unknown on 6th Nov 2019

    So far so good. Obviously, we are only halfway through the year, but it's very thought out and organized. It seems also very thorough. Online courses are often very expensive and these are so reasonably priced which I am so thankful for.

  3. Excellent for my dyslexic student!

    Posted by Cathy on 31st Mar 2019

    DIVE Integrated Chemistry & Physics has proven to be an excellent program for my daughter, who has dyslexia. She learns best using multi-sensory approaches, so video educational products are excellent for her. Dr. Shormann is easy to understand and he has written a workbook for assignments and labs that is a thorough coverage of the material. His labs make you feel like you're right there with him, which works great for those who can't afford the lab materials. His requirements are clear, and I appreciate that he allows the consumer the ability to print the workbook and glossary on our own.

  4. Great Curriculum

    Posted by Rachel A on 10th Dec 2017

    My daughter is working through this ICP course right now. This is the first time that she has taken her own notes for class. She is doing excellent. She enjoys the videos and the labs. I personally think that an actual video of the lab portion would be much more beneficial compared to just pictures, but she doesn't seem to mind. Also, the computerized interactive labs are very fun and interesting for her to learn from. I also like that she can contact Dr. Shormann with question instead of from me. As much as I am involved in what she is doing, I don't really understand everything about this curriculum. It's nice to have a teacher other than me explaining what she needs to do. Thank you!

  5. Comprehensive Course

    Posted by Babs on 27th Nov 2017

    My two oldest sons have taken this course and gotten into highly ranked universities, including STEM focused colleges. They were well prepared for college science courses and sailed through. In part, I credit this course and the excellent biblical teaching that enabled them to sift through later science courses as they had to separate fact from fiction! They both love Dr. "Dave.:" I am sticking with it for my third son this year and will start my 4th kiddo with it when high school comes. It cal also be used as an honor level course!! Fantastic!!

  6. Our son is thriving!

    Posted by Unknown on 26th Oct 2017

    We are very satisfied with our purchase.
    Our son is thriving in the Algebra and ICP courses.

  7. Can't Thank You Enough!

    Posted by Emily on 5th Nov 2015

    Thank you for this absolutely wonderful program!!! After many years of homeschooling, after many different math programs, and after endless hours of research for the perfect program for our family...we have found it! My boys are both taking Shormann Algebra and we all could not be happier!

    As I write this, my boys are sitting with me at the kitchen table on their computers doing a DIVE ICP vocab game. I think it's called "Space Race". Never before in the history of their lives have they ever been so excited to learn any kind of vocabulary. Seriously...I am in awe watching them learn science with such enthusiasm. Our table is shaking from them tying in answers as fast as they can. I can't thank you enough!

  8. Good curriculum

    Posted by Unknown on 25th Oct 2015

    My daughter enjoys the curriculum and does well with it.

  9. Thank You

    Posted by GJ on 27th Aug 2015

    Dear Dr. Shormann,
    Our family has just received DIVE Algebra 1 and DIVE Science ICP. I have also spent the past two weeks in intensive preparations regarding this year’s studies for our children. I try to be very thorough, intentional, organized and on and on. It is no small task. I am familiar with the effort required to put together a quality program. I mention this because I am blown away by the thorough, God-honoring, educationally superior, forward thinking curriculum you have put together. It is astounding, actually, and I am very grateful for all of your efforts. You have created a truly anointed program that will equip and affect many, many lives.
    The work you have put into this, offering different textbook “spines” and the accompanying syllabi, the internet links that are direct, appropriate, and rich in material, the forward thinking CLEP and honors paths, the reinforcements that allow for actual retention…It is all just amazing and I want to thank you for all of the immense effort and time you have invested in this program.
    I’m so excited to begin this year of study!

  10. Great course

    Posted by Unknown on 16th Jun 2014

    My daughter took this course as a ninth grader and really enjoyed it. She used the Bob Jones textbook and said it was the best and most interesting she's ever used. She did well in the class and had good success emailing Dr. Shormann and getting timely responses. She found a few mistakes in the course of the year which she alerted Dr. Shormann about so hopefully, those will be fixed for the future. We were so satisfied with the class that she plans to continue with the DIVE high school science lineup.

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