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DIVE Stream & Download: Video Lectures for Integrated Chemistry and Physics

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Format: Digital Download
Pre-Requisite: Algebra 1 completed or taken concurrently

New and Improved Self-Paced eLearning Course Now Available!

Featuring online worksheets with automated grading, grade recording, and video solutions, this is now our recommended format. 

DIVE downloads contain the exact same content as the corresponding CD-ROM. However, there is no CD to lose or damage. This format makes it easy to save the course to a USB or portable hard drive, store in the Cloud (DropBox, Google Drive, etc) and use on any computer in your household. 

High speed internet access is required to download the course. Once the file is downloaded, internet access is not required.

After purchasing a downloadable course, you will receive two emails. The first is an order confirmation. The second email includes download instructions and a link to download your course.  

System Requirements:2015-science-schedule.jpg

All Mac OS (including Mountain Lion and Maverick)

Windows XP+ (including Windows 8)


Mobile devices that support Flash

IE 7+, Chrome, or Safari Browser

High Speed Internet

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use the download on more than one computer?

Yes! DIVE CDs are licensed for use by all the children of your household. You can download the course to any computer for use by your children. DIVE courses cannot be sold, loaned, shared, or given away.  

2. Does the download work on devices like iPads or Tablets?

Not at this time. This format uses Flash Player which most devices do not support. However, our iTunes U courses will play on the iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone. Click here to learn more.

Downloading is Easy!

View our step-by-step download instructions here:

Please email or call 936-372-6299 if you have any problems.  

Course Description

Video Lectures & Labs Do the Teaching for You
An introductory chemistry and physics course designed to spark interest while building a firm foundation for advanced science courses. Topics include electron configuration, chemical bonding, oxidation, balancing equations, nuclear chemistry, chemical bonds and reactions, fluid dynamics, Ohm’s law, gases, and thermodynamics. Based on the scientific method, the video labs have many fun, engaging activities that draw students in and inspire them to learn more.

An Advanced or Standard Course
Designed as an honors course, it can also be used as a standard high school course by administering the quarterly exams as “open note.”

Internet Textbook
The DIVE Internet Textbook contains links to complete weekly reading assignments online. If you prefer a traditional hard copy textbook, we recommend either Bob Jones Physical World or Physical Science. A reading syllabus that lists exactly what to read each week for these texts and many others can be found at

Taught From a Biblical Foundation
Upon completion students will be adept at working with the scientific method, developing lab skills that are above and beyond most of their peers. Most importantly, students will have a better understanding of the laws God has woven into Creation and the rich Christian heritage that exists in science.

Excellent Preparation for Biology
Due to the heavy emphasis on chemistry in today’s biology courses, ICP is recommended before taking Biology.

Physical Science Renamed
Colleges have changed the name of the Physical Science requirement to Integrated Physics and Chemistry (also known as Integrated Chemistry and Physics depending on which is taught first).  Instead of an earth and space course, they now require one semester of chemistry and one semester of physics.

Complete Digital Course
CD-ROM Version
eLearning Version
iTunesU Version 

  • Teacher's Guide and Assignment Chart
  • 29 video lectures (1-2 20min lectures/week)
  • 28 video labs (1 30min lab/week)
  • Printable workbook (29 worksheets & 28 lab sheets)
  • Video solutions (worksheets and lab exercises)
  • Internet Textbook (online reading assignments
  • Digital flashcards
  • Quarterly exams
  • Q&A email service with Dr. Shormann
  • Grading Calculator (auto-calculate grades)
  • Solutions Manual (step-by-step solutions)
  • Glossary
  • Answer Key 

A printable PDF of this workbook is included with your DIVE course. We sell it as a convenience for those who do not want to print the workbook at home. 138 pages. Spiral bound with heavy covers.

Weekly reading assignments can be completed using our freeInternet Textbook, which is a chart with links to specific websites to complete required reading. If you prefer a traditional textbook, we recommend either Bob Jones, Apologia, or Abeka. We have a reading syllabus for these books, as well as many others, that tell you exactly what to read each week.

For a list of syllabi and course instuctions, follow this link:  

DIVE ICP Syllabus For CD-ROM and Digital Downloads

Visit the Syllabi and Course Instructions page for more options. 


Lab Kit
Contains supplies required to complete 22 of the 28 video labs hands-on. Recommended but not required.

Product Reviews

  • 5
    Can't Thank You Enough!

    Posted by Emily on 5th Nov 2015

    Thank you for this absolutely wonderful program!!! After many years of homeschooling, after many different math programs, and after endless hours of research for the perfect program for our family...we have found it! My boys are both taking Shormann Algebra and we all could not be happier! As I write this, my boys are sitting with me at the kitchen table on their computers doing a DIVE ICP vocab game. I think it's called "Space Race". Never before in the history of their lives have they ever been so excited to learn any kind of vocabulary. Seriously...I am in awe watching them learn science with such enthusiasm. Our table is shaking from them tying in answers as fast as they can. I can't thank you enough!

  • 5
    Thank You!

    Posted by GJ on 27th Aug 2015

    Dear Dr. Shormann, Our family has just received DIVE Algebra 1 and DIVE Science ICP. I have also spent the past two weeks in intensive preparations regarding this year’s studies for our children. I try to be very thorough, intentional, organized and on and on. It is no small task. I am familiar with the effort required to put together a quality program. I mention this because I am blown away by the thorough, God-honoring, educationally superior, forward thinking curriculum you have put together. It is astounding, actually, and I am very grateful for all of your efforts. You have created a truly anointed program that will equip and affect many, many lives. The work you have put into this, offering different textbook “spines” and the accompanying syllabi, the internet links that are direct, appropriate, and rich in material, the forward thinking CLEP and honors paths, the reinforcements that allow for actual retention…It is all just amazing and I want to thank you for all of the immense effort and time you have invested in this program. I’m so excited to begin this year of study!

  • 5
    We Love DIVE

    Posted by Marsena Hatfield on 24th Feb 2015

    DIVE has been a lifeline for our science classes. We are so thankful we found them.

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