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Grade: 11+

Prerequisite: Precalculus or Saxon Advanced Math (completed or taken concurrently)



Video Lectures and Labs Do the Teaching for You

DIVE Physics provides expert video instruction for every lesson in the Saxon Physics curriculum.  These lectures making learning the material faster and easier to learn the material, which helps achieve higher levels of understanding.


DIVE + Saxon Physics teaches all the topics normally found in an AP Physics 1 and 2 level course as well as about 70% of the topics found on the calculus based AP Physics C exams.  The topics include speed and velocity, torque, impulse/momentum, relativity theory, work, gases and thermodynamics, potential and kinetic energy, electricity and magnetism, circuit theory and Ohm's law, and reflection and refraction.



In addition to the video lectures, the DIVE course contains 23 video labs and a printable lab manual. The video labs and lab manual were developed by Dr. Shormann to provide the neccessary lab experience that is not provided in the Saxon curriculum. Q&A email support with Dr. Shormann is included with the DIVE course. 


The DIVE/Saxon Physics course can be used as a standard high school course or an advanced course that prepares students for select AP exams. See the 



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AP Physics Exams

DIVE Video Lectures + Saxon Physics can be used to prepare for AP Physics exams. The College Board changed the AP Physics B exam. This exam is now two separate exams, AP Physics 1 & AP Physics 2. Exam 1 and Exam 2 can be taken the same year. 


AP Physics Exam 1 (Algebra-based)

To prepare for the AP Physics 1 exam, complete the DIVE/Saxon Physics course through lesson 80 by mid-March. This allows plenty of time to prepare for the exam using our CLEP Professor for AP Physics course. This is a three to six week software course that provides specific preparation for the AP Physics exam.


AP Physics 1 & 2 in the same year (Algebra-based)
To prepare for the AP Physics 1 & 2 exams, we recommend you complete the DIVE/Saxon Physics course by mid-March to allow time to prepare specifically for the exam using our CLEP Professor for AP Physics course. This is a three to six week software course that provides specific preparation for the AP Physics exam. 


AP Physics C (Calculus-based exams)
There are two AP Physics C exams, Mechanical and Electricity. DIVE/Saxon + CLEP Professor for AP Physics teaches about 70% of the material presented on the AP Physics C exams. To prepare for the AP Physics C exams, complete the DIVE/Saxon Physics course and the CLEP Professor for AP Physics by early March. Then use a test prep book for the AP Physics C exam you plan to take. The Mechanics and Electricity exams can be taken in the same year. 


How to Register
The AP Physics test is given on one day at the beginning of May. Contact the College Board in the fall to find out which high schools near you are offering the exam. Then contact the school to register. Any student can take an AP exam. A government issued picture ID is required.


 Honors or Standard School Course

DIVE Physics was designed as an honors course. However, it is easily modified for use as a standard high school course by administering the weekly tests and quarterly exams as open note. A standard high school course can be completed at Lesson 80. 


Taught from a Biblical Foundation

This course also teaches science history, with a special emphasis on the distinctly Christian foundation of modern science. This foundation is lacking from secular courses and even many Christian courses, but is essential education for the informed Christian.


Saxon Bookset Required

Because physics is math based, the Saxon method of incremental development and continual practice has worked best for our students. Therefore this course was designed to teach Saxon Physics and does not work well with other texts. The complete Saxon Physics bookset, including student text, homeschool packet with test forms, and solutions manual, is required.


Advanced Placement (AP) Exams Earn up to 8 College Credits



After completing DIVE Physics, we recommend Dr.  Shormann’s CLEP Professor for AP Physics. This three to six week course provides excellent preparation for these exams which can earn up to 8 college credits. Learn more about  AP exams here and CLEP exams here.





Complete Digital Course

CD-Rom Format

Digital Download Format

  • 100 video lectures (1-2 20min lectures/week)
  • 23 video labs (1 30 min lab most weeks)
  • Printable lab manual
  • Quarterly exams with solutions
  • Q&A email service with Dr. Shormann
  • Grading Calculator (auto-calculate grades)
  • Glossary
  • Answer Key


Lab Manual
A printable PDF of this workbook is included with your DIVE course. We sell it as a convenience for those who do not want to print the workbook at home. 74 pages. Spiral bound with heavy covers. 



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