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eLearning for CLEP Professor for AP Physics

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Format: eLearning Course

Prerequisite: High School Physics

Compatibility: All Mac OS and Windows XP & Higher.

Exams: AP Physics 1 & 2*

*If DIVE/Saxon Physics is used for the high school course, then 70% of the content from the AP Physics C exams (both) will also be taught. To prepare for this exam, we recommend completing Saxon/DIVE Physics and CLEP Professor Physics. Then follow up with an AP Physics C test prep book to learn the remaing material.

There are still two AP Physics C exams, Mechanics and Our DIVE/Saxon Physics course, along with CLEP Professor for AP Physics, teach about 70% of the calculus based content of the AP Physics C exams. To prepare for the AP Physics C exams we recommend you complete the DIVE/Saxon Physics and CLEP Professor Physics then use a prep book that specifically prepares students for the AP Physics



Important Update: The College Board has split the AP Physics B exam into  AP Physics 1 and AP Physics 2. These exams are algebra based with some trigonometry. The CLEP Professor for AP Physic course fully prepares students. who have completed a high school physics course, for these new exams.

The Physics C exams remained the same with two exams, AP Physics C Mechanics and AP Physics C Electricity and Magnetism. 


WHAT'S ON THE eLearning?

  • 20 Video Lectures That Teach Each of the Topics on the Exam
  • 10-15 Practice Problems for Each Lesson Increase Retention
  • Video Solutions to Every Practice Problem Ensure Understanding
  • 3 Computer Based Practice Exams Determine Readiness
  • Q & A Email Service with Dr. Shormann



CLEP Professor, designed and taught by Dr. Shormann, is a three week course which bridges the gap between the high school course and the corresponding CLEP or AP Exam. Unlike other programs that only provide practice exams and books to read, Dr. Shormann actually teaches every concept step by step, significantly increasing understanding. With CLEP Professor, students can earn up to 34 college credits, saving time and money!


Watch the Video Lecture

Dr. Shormann teaches every lesson step by step on a digital blackboard that looks and sounds like a live classroom. Students work interactively, taking notes and working problems along with him. Easily pause, rewind, and fast-forward until the new concept is fully understood. Meet Dr. Shormann here.


Do the Practice Problems

Following each lesson are 10-15 practice problems which reinforce understanding of the new concept.  


Watch the Video Solutions

Ensuring understanding, every practice problem has a video solution that works the problem step by step. The video solution is shown after each problem, giving the student immediate feedback.  


Take a Practice Exam

After completing all of the lessons, the first Practice Exam is taken.  Each question on the exam is referenced to the lesson the problem was taught in so students can easily relearn forgotten concepts. Continue taking the Practice Exams until a passing score is achieved.  


Take the Exam

Physics is only offered as an AP exam, which is more rigorous and universally accepted than CLEPs. Depending on the score, 8 credits are typically awarded. AP exams are administered once a year in the spring at your local high school (we recommend a Christian school). Contact the school in the fall to confirm test ordering dates.  

This program prepares for both Physics AP tests 1 and 2. These two tests are the previous Physics B exam broken in two separate exams. The College Board website says you can use the same books you used for Physics B to prepare for Physics 1 and 2. 

While there aren't any age restrictions for the AP exam, a government issued picture ID is required. Your AP scores are stored at the College Board until you are admitted to a college and request they be sent.  

All CLEP Professor courses are taught from a Christian worldview. Dr. Shormann teaches students that mathematics is the language of science and a tool for studying God’s creation. The history of mathematics is also discussed, helping students see how all mathematics resulted from a desire to understand God’s creation.
  • PREREQUISITE: Completed High School Physics
  • Mobile devices including iPhone/iPod/Ipad coming soon!

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