Windows Setup Instructions for eLearning New Educadium

How to Setup Windows for eLearning Courses

Google Chrome is required to use our eLearning courses on Windows operating systems. 

To avoid technical issues, please follow all the steps below to set up Chrome for our eLearning platform.

1. Install all available updates for your operating system: How to Update Windows

2. If you don’t have Chrome, download it here: How to Install Chrome

3. Follow these steps: Enable cookies and cache in Chrome

4. Follow these steps: Enable Javascript in Chrome

5. Set PDFs to “OPEN” instead of download: How to Change PDF settings in Google Browser

If you use Parental Controls, a VPN, or Internet Filtering software, please add these websites to your safe sites list:






Important: Google Chrome automatically updates when you close and reopen the browser. So, after working on your course, please be sure to logout of the eLearning Campus and close Chrome - don’t just minimize it. If you haven’t closed your browser in a while, you might see a pending update in the upper right corner. Simply click the notification and select re-launch to install the update.


If you need help, please  Contact a Tech Specialist or Call Us at 936-372-6299