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Time-Saving Tips for Shormann Math

During the past 25+ years of teaching math to hundreds of thousands of students around the world, Dr. Shormann has developed a system to efficiently build fluency (speed and accuracy) which makes learning math faster and easier!

 Develop Fluency in Fractions, Decimals, Percents, and Conversions

Algebra 1 and 2 students who struggle or take too long to complete a lesson, often have not memorized fraction, decimal, and percent conversions. This makes it very difficult to learn algebra. Shormann Algebra 1 & 2 courses each include 10 five minute drills that develop fluency in these essential skills. All Algebra 1 & 2 students who have not already completed these drills, should do so. They are linked on the Course Home pages.


Critical: Use the Timed Method for Struggling & Reluctant Math Students

Instead of requiring reluctant and struggling math students to complete an entire lesson each day, they should work on math for a specified amount of time (based on their grade level).  For example, an 8th or 9th grader should work on math for no more than an hour or so per day.  If, at the end of this time, they have not completed the lesson, they should stop. Then, the next day, they should pick up where they left off.  For more information, see the "Timed Method" section in the Teacher Guide.  


Work on math a minimum of 4-5 days per week.

Struggling math students should work on math 5 days per week. A good math student, who completes at least 3 lessons per week, can work on math 4 days per week. I

Complete at least 3 lessons per week, most weeks.

If they can't, increase the number of days they work on math, go back one level, or repeat the last 10-15 Practice Sets using the textbook pages, linked under the lectures for each lesson.  

Use the Student Practice Set Instruction Sheet Daily

The Instructions for Practices (posted on your course home page and above each Practice Set) provides step-by-step instructions to efficiently complete each Practice Set (homework). Print this sheet, place it on your desk,  and follow these steps for each question in every Practice Set.


 Don't spend More Than 10 Minutes "Stuck" on a Problem

Use the "Help" links as instructed on the Instructions for Practice Sets. If you still can't solve it, skip it, answer all the other questions you can, then submit it. Then, follow steps on page 2 of the Instructions for Practice Sets to re-learn the concept by watching the video solutions and correcting it on paper. The Practice Sets are practice. Do not expect immediate mastery. Mistakes are expected in the Practice Sets. Therefore, they are a small percentage of the overall grade. 


Parents: Do not "help" solve problems until all the steps on the Instructions for Practice Sets are completed, including watching the video solutions. 

Instead, show them how to use the Help links above each question and watch the video solutions as instructed on page 2 of the Instructions for Practice Sets.   

Do not retake Practice Sets to improve score.

Instead, follow the steps on page 2 of the Instructions for Practice Sets to watch the video solutions and correct missed problems. At the end of the course, parents can add extra credit for the corrections (see “Extra Credit” in the Teacher Guide). The Instructions for Practice Sets is linked above each Practice Set.

 Lecture Notes: Focus on solving example problems.

While the student should take BRIEF notes on headings, key points, and formulas. The primary focus of the lecture should be solving the example problems like this: After each example problem is presented, pause the lecture and solve the problem on your lecture notes, rewinding and fast-forwarding as needed. This increases retention, greatly reducing the number of missed problems in the Practice Set.


Ensure Correct Course Placement

Correct course placement is vital to student success. To ensure your student is in the correct course, please see: Placement Chart for Shormann Math


My student is in Algebra 1 and failed or did not finish pre-algebra. 

Read this article: Student Failed or Did Not Complete Pre-Algebra and if needed, Request a Hold on your Shormann Math course.



Struggling student? We can help! Contact a consultant.