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R2MP4 Installation & Tech Solutions


Installation Instructions: 

If you have not already, go to: CD Installation Instructions


How to Play a Video: 

This version has MP4 videos that play on all Macs and Windows 7, 8, 10, and later. If you want to view lectures on a phone, tablet, or TV, see: DIVE Stream & Download

    1. Install all available updates and restart your computer. 

    2. Place the CD/DVD in the computer’s drive. If the computer spits it out or won't accept the CD, follow the Tech Solutions below. 

    3. Select the lecture you want to watch.

    4. Select the play icon.

    5. If you have any trouble, select your operating system in the Tech Solutions below.

    6. PARENTS: Follow the steps on page 1 of the Teacher Guide.



Select your Operating System:  Which Windows OS do I have?


Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, & 8


Windows 10


Mac Installation Instructions

Need Help? Contact DIVE Tech Support

Please Do Not Contact the Retailer

DIVE courses are simply videos compressed on a CD or DVD (computers only). Technical issues are quickly and easily solved by following the instructions above. If you prefer, our technical team is happy to help via phone or email. Retailers cannot provide technical assistance.