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Official Course Descriptions & Credits

Official Course Descriptions

For DIVE & Shormann Math Courses

For your convenience, we have created course descriptions for each of our courses. Please read all the information on this page then, to view the sample course description, select the title of your course(s) in the list below.

What is a course description?

A course description is a brief summary of each course listed on the student’s transcript. They usually include a list of materials used, scope and sequence or table of contents, grade scale, and credits. As the homeschool parent, you decide how detailed your course description is and what information to include.

Do I need to include course descriptions with my student’s transcript?

Only if they are required by the college. While most do not, some colleges, including the service academies, require course descriptions along with the high school transcript. Following is a list of course descriptions we provide for our courses.

Honors or Standard Course?

All DIVE and Shormann Math courses can be used as honors or standard courses. For details, see the Teacher Guide for your course.

Editing Instructions:

If you would like to personalize a course description, follow these steps:


1. Select the link for your course.
2. Select File (on the left, above the printer icon in the top menu), Download As, then Microsoft Word or Open Format.
3. Open the file in Word, Pages, or upload to your Google Drive account and start editing.

Course Descriptions