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All DIVE lectures are designed for students to watch AND take notes on. For DIVE Science, a laboratory manual is provided to record work. Click and watch any of the sample lessons below. Lessons will open in a new window. Click "more info" to purchase or read more detailed product information.



Earth Science (more info)

Lecture 1.3A

Lecture 1.3B

Lab 1.3


Integrated Chemistry and Physics (more info)

Lecture 4

Lab 3


Biology (more info)

Lecture 4

Lab 3


Chemistry (more info)

Lecture 2 

Lab 2


Physics (more info)

Lesson 6 

Lesson 34 

Lab 4



Why Use DIVE Math?


Math 5/4, 3rd edition (more info)

Lesson 48

Lesson 64

Lesson 90

Lesson 108

Math 6/5, 3rd edition (more info)

Lesson 41 

Lesson 57 

Lesson 82

Lesson 119


Math 7/6, 4th edition (more info)

Lesson 5 

Lesson 19 

Lesson 26

Lesson 36


Math 8/7, 3rd edition (more info) 

Lesson 30  

Lesson 50 

Lesson 99


Algebra 1/2, 2nd edition (more info) 

Lesson 13  

Lesson 33 

Lesson 103


Algebra 1, 3rd edition (more info) 

Lesson 57  

Lesson 93  


Algebra 2, 3rd edition (includes Geometry) (more info) 

Lesson 54  

Lesson 93

Lesson 113


Advanced Math, 2nd edition (Precalculus with Geometry) (more info) 

Lesson 53  

Lesson 79

Lesson 110


Calculus, 2nd edition (more info) 

Lesson 12  

Lesson 45

Lesson 121


Geometry, 1st Edition (more info)

Lesson 4

Lesson 18



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