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IMPORTANT: We now recommend our updated Self-Paced eLearning Chemistry Course instead of this Download format, especially for students who plan to take the AP Chemistry exam. Learn More


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use the download on more than one computer?

Yes! DIVE courses are licensed for use by all the children of your household.  You can download the course to any computer for use by your children. DIVE courses cannot be sold, loaned, shared, or given away.  

2. Does the download work on devices like iPads or Tablets or TVs?

The videos are MP4 format which can be saved in your iTunes Library and played on your devices. They can also be saved to a USB drive and played on Smart TVs, and other devices with a USB port.

Downloading is Easy!

View our step-by-step download instructions here: Digital Download Instructions

Please email or call 936-372-9216 if you have any problems.

Course Description 

DIVE Chemistry is a complete, college preparatory one year curriculum that does all the teaching for you! This course includes video lectures and labs, a printable workbook and lab manual, video solutions to all workbook and lab activities, a Teacher's Guide and weekly assignment chart, and a free email Q&A Email Service with Dr. Shormann.  

Topics include but are not limited to Science and Christianity, measuring matter, atoms, the Periodic Table, atomic and molecular bonding, chemical reactions and equations, stoichiometry, gas laws, solutions, thermodynamics, chemical equilibrium, acid/base chemistry, oxidation/reduction reactions and electrochemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry, and nuclear chemistry. 

Taught from A Biblical Foundation
Students using DIVE Chemistry will become adept at working with the scientific method, will be familiar with the use of technology in science, and will develop their lab skills above and beyond most of their peers. Most importantly, students will have a better understanding and appreciation for the rich Christian heritage that exists in science, and will better understand the importance of studying His Word and His Works as they seek to become good rulers of His creation.

Your Choice of Textbook

                                                                     DIVE Chemistry Internet Textbook

Weekly reading assignments can be completed using our free Internet Textbook, which is a chart with links to specific websites to complete required reading assignments. Designed by Dr. Shormann, the Internet Textbook does an excellent job of preparing students for the lectures. Because it is online, we can include graphics and animations and we can update it anytime to include the latest scientific information.  

Traditional Textbooks

Because the purpose of the reading assignments is to build a foundation for the DIVE lectures, any high school chemistry textbook can be used. We have a reading syllabus for many different publishers that tell you exactly what to read each week. If the text does not contain the required reading for a topic, the syllabus will contain an internet link so that the reading can be completed online.  

If you prefer a traditional textbook, we recommend a Christian text like Bob Jones, Apologia, or Abeka. Bob Jones does an excellent job of providing all the required reading in short, succinct reading assignments.  

Apologia is great for those who enjoy longer, descriptive reading assignments. However, it is important to note that about 6 weeks of topics typically included in a high school Chemistry course, is in the Apologia Advanced Chemistry text. During these weeks, Apologia students will need to either read from the advanced text or use the provided internet links to complete their reading online. 

Like Bob Jones, Abeka provides short, succinct reading assignments but does not include all the required topics. On these weeks, the DIVE Reading Syllabus for Abeka includes internet links to complete your reading online.  

Our favorite text overall is the DIVE Internet Textbook. However, if you prefer a traditional text then our favorite is the Bob Jones text. You don't need any of the ancillary products like the Teacher's Manual or Lab Manual, so these books can be purchased used on Amazon for about $15. 

DIVE Reading Syllabi

A reading syllabus is provided for each textbook. The reading syllabi indicate exactly what to read each week in the textbook you are using. Below is a list of some of the the reading syllabi available You can view all the available reading syllabi by clicking on the link here.

     DIVE Chemistry Internet Textbook

     Bob Jones Chemistry:   3rd Edition      2nd Edition

     Apologia Chemistry:     2nd Edition      

     Apologia Chemistry:     2nd Edition with Advanced Chemistry 2nd Edition

     Apologia Chemistry:     2nd Edition with Advanced Chemistry 1st Edition

     Abeka Chemistry:        2nd Edition


Advanced or Standard High School Course
Based on the CLEP and AP standards, DIVE Chemistry is an advanced course that contains all the labs required for an AP Chemistry course. However, it can also be used as a standard high school course by allowing students to take the quarterly exams as "open note" exams.  

Earn up to 8 College Credits by Exam
Upon completion of DIVE Chemistry, we recommend completing our CLEP Professor for CLEP and AP Chemistry. This three week course specifically prepares students for the CLEP and AP Chemistry exam. For those planning to take an AP or CLEP exam, it is recommended that you use either the DIVE Internet Textbook, Bob Jones or Apologia to ensure adequate reading material. If using Apologia for an advanced course, we recommend you use both the Apologia Chemistry and the Advanced Chemistry text. The Apologia Chemistry text is missing about 8 weeks of required reading material that is found in the Advanced Chemistry textbook. Therefore, both books are required to complete required reading assignments.  

Product Reviews

  • 4

    Posted by Amber on 12th Oct 2017

    I am so greatful for this program. I feel as tough my teens are receiving sound teaching from a trustworthy teacher. The self correcting aspect, video lectures, and video labs make this an easy decision for our highschool curricula.

  • 5
    I have never been sorry that we chose DIVE

    Posted by Marsena Hatfield on 28th Oct 2014

    My daughter was struggling to truly understand her Chemistry. Once she started using DIVE it changed everything. Thanks!

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